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Thread: fair trade

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    Because a tier 2 item requires twice the amount of gold and supplies to produce. A tier three item requires twice the amount of gold/supplies as a tier 2 item etc.... thats why the fair trade rate doubles every tier ( because the cost double every tier )

    BUT .. the trade ratio should take theat into consideration .... an offer of 10 stones for 5 limestone should be calculated as a 1:1 trade offer. That would PREVENT someone from trading 10 stone for 10 gunpowder to thier other account as a fair trade, and would allow someone to offer a fair trade more then one tier above or bleow.
    You got it that's what I mean

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    I think its to make diamonds more apealing, with the merchants at 1:10 and that you can spend diamonds to get the suplies needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel View Post
    The reason why it's so low is to avoid multi-accounters pushing accounts.
    the way things are now the multi-accounters have it prefect their experienced accounts can feed their newer accounts and vice versa
    example you need level 2 goods in LMA but you have not built them in forever easy fix for them they just trade with their newer account say 50 iron for 50 silk sounds fair fits within guidelines and then newer account ends up dominating

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    Fair Trade Ratios for tiers 5, 6, 7, 8.

    LMA = 1,600
    Colonial = 2,400
    Industrial = 3,200
    Progressive = 4,000

    LMA to Colonial is 3/2
    Colonial to Industrial is 4/3
    Industrial to Progressive is 5/4

    LMA to Industrial is 2/1

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    Sadly that doesn't take into account the space goods building require, which can also vary in the same age, let alone between ages. I'd hardly call trading between goods from a building of 9 squares and goods from a building of 16 squares "fair" just because their production costs are the same.

    This is a very moot point and I feel it's up to every player and guild to decide how they want to trade.

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