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    Query Winter event question

    So I'm reading the announcement and I have a question. This line:

    Each day in December brings a fresh challenge you can complete in exchange for some of our seasonal currency –

    Does this mean that there are new quests each day, and If I don't do them I miss out on the stars? Or is it just a poorly phrased reference to the daily prize?

    I ask because I'm trying to hold off on doing anything Winter Event related until I get to industrial age (I'm still irked I have an LMA graveyard instead of a Colonial age one.)

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    It looks like there's a single quest each day; Did the first one, got the prize(s), but didn't get a new quest yet.
    Probably works like those "Advent-Calendars", where you open one space each day to get what's behind...
    From there it would follow that; Yes, if you don't do the quests each day, you'll miss out on the stars.('tWould be nice if, like the calendar-thing, you could save up the quests though...)

    And just happened across a "did you know" when logging over, saying "you have 'till the end of the event to finish the quests you get, so yes: you can save 'em up for the last moment.
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    My question is, why does 'show two' eat up 'double payout'? Shouldn't it show four?

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    I have cities on almost every server and i tried my first round of quests for this event. And I have to say, it doesnt seem like that shuffle gives you a chance to find the item you want. I could have sworn on three of my cities that I had gotten the right location of an item by playing very close attention to the shuffle and yet it wasnt where I saw it land. So My question is if the shuffle is completely random no matter what it shows or if there is a chance to actually seeing where your item lands?

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    so, am i correct in understanding, you get ONLY ONE quest a day? so, today's quest was to make excess happy & have 120 people? so, you only get 1 prize unless you buy stars to get another?

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    How do you win the "Today's Special" item? Do you just have to be lucky enough to get it while buying a gift for 10 stars?

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    ANSWERED! In one of the loading screens ha ha...

    Something to the effect of "There is a new quest available every day, but you have until the end of the event to complete them."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lethalloki View Post
    My question is, why does 'show two' eat up 'double payout'? Shouldn't it show four?
    I believe the payout is +3 stars, so the double payout is +6 stars. Still a raw deal....I got the same two presents that you did, a 2X, then a "show two". I would have to buy stars with diamonds now to get anything on the first day. Definitely recommend saving up your stars for a couple days at least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mb420 View Post
    How do you win the "Today's Special" item? Do you just have to be lucky enough to get it while buying a gift for 10 stars?

    And I'm guessing the devs didn't want to make this too easy, so double payout does not provide 2xshow two.
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    I have gotten all I wanted so far but then I have figured out along with many others a work around for it :p

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