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  1. theegeneral
    lookinnf for a guildcofounder
  2. eliza1983
    Just moved to Tomorrow era Hope it was a good move
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  3. DreeMr
    At "home" on X, farming on U and... tbd
  4. eliza1983
    Finished Soccer event whew lol looking for to summer event looks pretty neat with the Ships :)
  5. Toolbox Danny
    Toolbox Danny amiar
  6. Toolbox Danny
    Toolbox Danny amiar
  7. RazorbackPirate
    RazorbackPirate DrWingbat
    But unfortunately, closing the thread to comments also disables voting. Too bad. Would have been nice if that worked.
    1. DrWingbat
      Yea... some features on this forum board I miss from my previous board I worked.
      Jul 13, 2018
  8. DrWingbat
    DrWingbat RazorbackPirate
    You can vote now. We were testing something to see if we could keep the vote active but keep people from replying to the thread.
  9. RazorbackPirate
    RazorbackPirate DrWingbat
    Why can't I/How can I vote on the Expert Chests proposal?
  10. eliza1983
    Just click on pic of a person than go to start a conversation to do it privately :)
  11. braeden12323
    Only Plunder Those You Don't Auto Battle.
  12. Mother of moons
    Mother of moons
    Always looking for new friends in East Nagach that will motive/polish and Viet taverns daily Feel free to send me a request
  13. 1weg1dar1
    1weg1dar1 eliza1983
    Thank you for following me. If I understand correctly it's the only way to message others. ?
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  14. scythian8
    "Each of us is the forger of his own happiness."
  15. 1weg1dar1
    1weg1dar1 Snowbelle
    I will appreciate any help with understanding the forum's & any followers.
  16. 1weg1dar1
    1weg1dar1 Dursland
    Hey there. I was wondering if you might be able to help me understand the forums. Thank you in advance.
    1. Dursland
      Hello. I apologize for the lengthy delay, I did not see this for the past week. This Help document has a lot of information on the forums:

      If there's any specific questions let me know, or you can ask in one of the threads. Enjoy and welcome. :)
      Jul 12, 2018
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  17. 1weg1dar1
    1weg1dar1 Salsuero
    Lol. Ive been playing FoE for a couple of years but I too started forum later. Ive not really got the hang of the forum yet. Seem to have a problem with getting followers.
    1. Salsuero
      I'm not sure it's a "problem" -- I don't think many people do that sort of thing. I've never followed anyone here. I just follow the threads that interest me. I don't even know how many followers I have. I've never bothered to look. Not sure why it matters here.
      Jul 8, 2018
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  18. 1weg1dar1
    1weg1dar1 eliza1983
    Hello. I'm looking for people to follow & to follow me. I'm kind of new to the forum thing.
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  19. mr.tigastt
    This is a terrific game, if you play for free. Don't purchase anything. You'll regret it!
  20. mr.tigastt
    Word of Advice to New Players: Play for free. Never purchase. Inno cheats!