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    Contest day 6

    Answer = 36 The solution below come on give us one that takes more than a minute :P 5+5+5=15 5+7+3=15 7-2=5 7*3=21 15+21=36 36
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    Contest day 4 The answer me lord.
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    Contest day 3

    The Wicked Witch, I wrote a reply earlier it isn't showing up. Good thing I came back to double check :P
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    Contest day 3

    The Wicked Witch For sure the trick to these puzzles is to start at the end and the beginning of each person you guys got to make this harder :D
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    Notre Dame

    Meh it's a historical landmark it belongs in history. Sell the property, and do things for the community that actually helps our society advance. Society as a whole puts entirely too much money into preserving old buildings and properties. In America, for example, any house over I think its 100...
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    Did yall see Staceys mom?

    From what I personally heard, She's got it going on. Just saying :P
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    MindlessForge sells A lot
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    Xyr is 300-500FPS for arc goods from what I have seen.
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    Road to 140

    you guys can add me too (especially self levelers you sneaky devils you :P)
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    Just Beating Up On My Neighbors in FOE :P

    Just Beating Up On My Neighbors in FOE :P
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    Contest day 1

    FIRST!!!! I think I found them all and of course, you did 7.:p BTW LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS GAME Smoke coming from chimney is missing Steeply piece or whatever that is is missing Missing a farther away steeple piece Missing the ball on the top of the building Lady next to the train Lady in front...