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Dec 30, 2018
Jan 6, 2018
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Achilles Swift Red

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A very active founder recruiting new players as well as senior players who want to be part of very active guild. Aug 23, 2018

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Dec 30, 2018
    1. Achilles Swift Red
      Achilles Swift Red
      A very active founder recruiting new players as well as senior players who want to be part of very active guild.
    2. Achilles Swift Red
      Achilles Swift Red
      Vanguard Of Legends is a great guild having experienced players and junior players. CHARTER AND VISION Make friendships while playing FOE
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    I am the founder of the guild "Vanguard of Legends" and believe in providing a fun-filled guild that includes senior and junior players.
    Every week I write a summary of our performance in the Guild Expedition tournament and provide positive feedback to all our members.
    I have nurture this guild to be very active in the GE and to strive to come in 1st place EVERY week. So far we have only been beaten a few times by more senior guilds have 70 or more 1st place wins in their stats. But that doesn't scare us.
    We have an active team of active members that will nurture junior players to build an Observatory and an ARC and to tutor them on how to fight and negotiate in the GE
    Here is a sample of my weekly message to "OUR" guild:

    Aug 30 2018
    We fought "Forge one Empire" and "Outcast"

    These were some very mature guilds! Mature means they have been around for quite some time and have tremendous stats. But we held our own and did an outstanding job against them. Forge One Empire had 79 1st place wins and Outcast had 61 1st place wins. All three of us contributed over 100 % effort and that is darn good for a young guild such as ours. There's is no doubt our record will be even greater record than theirs when we reach their level.

    Our record is now 28 x 1st place; 12 x 2nd place; 3 x 3rd place. This little guild with only 28 1st place wins nearly beat a guild with 79 1st place wins. Pretty impressive in my books.

    I know a lot of you went well above your normal level of play and gave it your all and sacrificed a lot (goods and diamonds). Thanks to all of you for your outstanding playing, team work with helping others with goods for GE negotiation. I really am impressed with what a great guild we have.

    We are doing great! Thanks again for showing the spirit of the guild in this last GE

    Vanguard Of Legends - For Life