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  1. The Next Age

    Now whether or not this is the last part of oceanic or not, eventually we'll get a new age. Anyone have some ideas on what will happen next? Assuming we don't go into space or colonize the moon/Mars, I could see FoE doing a flying city theme. What are your thoughts?
  2. Tomorrow Era Story Missing

    both actually. neither one show me the main story quest, and this happened before the quest patch came out. I just figured the main quest was held up by the side quest that offered a premium decoration, but once i completed it, the main quest still hasn't shown up.
  3. Tomorrow Era Story Missing

    I don't know why, but for some reason, after going through only 1/3 of the tomorrow era map, all main story quests stopped appearing. All I'm getting are side quests. The last main quest I had was taking the last province of that guy along the 1st row of provinces you access after the prologue...
  4. Can't load into game

    Yeah, that fixed it. i just didn't expect that to be the issue since my other browsers loaded just fine.
  5. Can't load into game

    this may sound strange, but the game worked just fine a few hours ago on chrome, but after my house had a brief power outage, my browsers will not fully load into my city anymore. it used to get stuck at 70%, but now it won't even load into the actual loading screen. i can boot into my city...