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  1. Arc blueprints source.

    All of them. It is not specific to a building, just an age. So any Future building will give the chance of getting a future GB print.
  2. Proposal: FP Donation Quantity Selection

    I always vote yes. When I add 2,000 FPs at 10 a pop, it takes forever!
  3. please check do they work?
  4. Great Building Owner only one to place last FP.

    This is funny!
  5. Video - watch your city develop and evolve

    I would love to see how mine has changed over time!
  6. Restore FP from abandoned accounts

    No. It is a risk you take when donating to someone.
  7. Spring Event - The Cherry Blossom Festival Feedback

    Im in the same boat in most of my worlds. Any word on when the 5th building comes up? I am liking the rewards so far!
  8. Is purchasing FP with gold a viable strategy?

    Op, Coin is so worthless in this game, why would you not buy FPs? They are perfect for when you need to add to someones new GB, or need that FP to drop on someones GB or to level your GB for double dip. Sitting at 260,900 for my next FP. Have 540 million coins. Cant imagine what I would have if...
  9. Oceanic Future- Part 1 Feedback

    Yes you can get them in GE. I have a few, but the eels and whatever the flying thing is, have been the majority of what I get.
  10. Fixed Coin quest exploit/bug

    As stated, not a bug. And not a cheat. The developers know there are easy ways around quests, but everything is time consuming. Anything to get and keep people playing, is fair game. Part of games is finding ways within the rules to make them easier. That does not mean it is cheating.
  11. [Question] if quest asks for scouting but you cant

    I doubt there are that many who have completed the entire continent maps. Some yes, many no. Oceanic just came out.
  12. FP Contribution Etiquette?

    Do you know for sure they lost 10 FPs? They could have an ARC and actually gained FPs. The Arc boosts your rewards.
  13. Inno happened...

    I agree with this. If you hate the game, the company, the product, the whatever so bad, why do you play? Why do you waste your time if you hate it so bad? The game cant be THAT bad, if you continue to play it. It looks like Inno is doing a darn good job, if they can keep people who hate the game...
  14. New Proposal - GB fp Return

    I vote no. It is part of the risk vs reward aspect of the game.