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    Is this spam?

    I just got one of these also. Just as qaccy, and I suspect most everyone else, I haven't been recently contacted. Unlike qaccy, I did not search far enough back to find the 2 year old Announcement. Is 2 years ago recent? Dunno who is managing this, but it's being handled in a piss poor...
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    Unformatted Message Center Improvements

    Thanks for clarifyong.
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    Great Building Block

    Bastard. Oh, wait, you mean for 'sniping'. I though you were asking what term they use for me. I don;t care what word others use. I understand it, I also understand that because they can't define it there will invariably be disagreement. Like calling not getting the 1.9 you want on your GB...
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    Looking to play again

    Welcome back. When did you leave? The yearly 'state of the Game' INNO reported 120? 140? K? active players.
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    Great Building Block

    Weeellll, now, I can't rightly agree to that. 'Snipin'g is when someone gets beat out of a position *. Nobody got beat, just the owner not getting what they think is their due. The game itself demonstrates the baselessness and futility of that desire. *I got a 100% rigorous definition of...
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    Great Building Block

    Sure there is. Lock the spot. 100% fool proof. The only reason 'sniping' exists is because folk make bad bids. No bad bids, no 'sniping.' How to make your Guild 'sniper' proof? Teach your Guildies not to make bad bids. That's as silly a statement as the previous quote. Exactly as is the...
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    Favorite Way to Level GBs

    Ask your Guild Leadership, they set up and maintain the swap thread.
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    Unformatted Message Center Improvements

    Looks good, Recommend you read this: apply the requested formatting and ask a mod to move this to the main Ideas thread. i'm not sure that is needed though? The new mod staff hasn't clarified if unformatted...
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    [Guide] Get your first two great buildings in less than a month

    Friends don;t let Friends build Colosseum or ND. You can trust me on this or look around. Tip: Qucik evaluation of GBs.:Look at the cities or GB lists of the top 10 players in your world. If you can;t find a GB on at least 3 of those cities it's almost certainly a GB you should avoid...
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    Market Trading needs sorting, filtering, and ability to resell

    Welcome to the forums. Well written Proposal, your summary of the current system and it's flaws seem spot on. I look forward to seeing more posts from you. I disagree with your conclusions as to the effects of this Propose. Hmm, we don;t use that word an more. As to the effects of what you...
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    Do small pieces. If you decide to do a single large remodel, evaluate the buildings in your city and determine if you still want or need them Check your Inventory for any forgotten buildings. Clear some room before you start the remodel. Delete mundane buildings. If you have excess Store...
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    Guild Battlegrounds Improvements - League Points Feedback

    I suspect over the next few months some Guilds will realize they can both do the dance and control their finish to maintain position. I;d expect a fair number of Guilds that get shut out in Diamond will adopt this tactic to stay in Platinum where they can continue to garner a lot of individual...
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    Scaled Production Times

    RSP nailed the answer.. Same reasoning for Goods as Production. If they were the same production per hour players would always choose the longer and INNO wants us in game.
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    "I learned on a manual return Smith Corona; remember the bell? " Yes. clack clack clack...

    "I learned on a manual return Smith Corona; remember the bell? " Yes. clack clack clack ding reach push clack clack clack
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    Random number generator feature

    Thanks, Different world. The KM Guild hasn't needed incentives for years.. I wasn't clear about the RNG. I think the INNO RNG works fine, but lots of players will blame it. I wouldn't want a contest, something to engender good spirits and raise morale and such to be from INNO necasue it...