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Recent content by Alliric

  1. August Contest - Summer Event!

    Parot, Skull, Mutiny, Ship, Flag, Plank, Island, Port, Cove, Jewels, High Seas, Gold, Rogue , Anchor, Crew, Plunder, Hideout , First Mate, Keel, Map, Ashore, Ahoy, Treasure , Cannon, Sand
  2. [Question] How does Inno make the matches for GBG?

    Agree, Guilds and FOE are losing players acct this issue - we have faced the same guilds 7 times in a row - and one is able to take entire map asa door opens hahaha ....... So, .... How do I find the upcoming season's match-ups, please?
  3. Confirmed Friday Forge Purchase freezes at Shield.

    Friday Forge Offers freezing FOE and after 5 minute wait have to exit and re-enter to clear shield icon and continue. Has occurred with all offers but the first.
  4. Show off your city competition

    Alliric's City, Langedorn https: //www.dropbox.com/s/via7hkxg0m4ou3m/Alliric%27s%20City%20November%2018%2C%202020Screenshot%202020-11-18%20082632.png?dl=0
  5. Rewarding riddle ride competition

    I am a retired yacht delivery skipper, and we used to save these for mid-ocean entertainment ;-) ... you know , when silence and nature replace the mundane and noisy with quiet grace and beauty. I am going to post my answers here and hope that is correct. THANKS for the riddle Fun!! 1) Age 2)A...