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  1. Fixed Blurring Screen

    It is not a bug. a bug is an accidental screw-up. this was intentional. Someone, who clearly never actually play the game, had to approve the change, someone had to code it, clearly no-one had to test it, or Inno would face hazard in the workplace issues - subjecting an employee to that kind of...
  2. Conspiracy Theory: Blueprints from GB rewards are not actually random for the Arc

    I suspected the same conspiracy... so I created a spreadsheet, applied a Chi-Square test and entered my data and some friends data With 1542 bp spread on 6 GB (4 of them being Arc) I got a 94.35% chance that the distribution _is_ random. but if one look at individual GB with small number of bp...
  3. Changelog 1.139

    I wish they would lock the 'genius' that approved of that blur crap in a room and force him to play the game for a while.