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  1. Spring Event - The Cherry Blossom Festival Feedback

    Loving the event, amused that the quest-givers name wasn't 'Sakura' One of the quests is saying that the city's not celebrated the festival before, evidently she doesn't realize that some of us know of the culture and would've celebrated it before, if only unofficially...
  2. Hospitals

    I was under the impression this was a thought for a GB boost, making it a regular building, even if huge, would make it rather breaking. The thought of making it a special questline building I like, since a small boost would help nothing if it was so small it had no effect.
  3. Land Expansions

    I've looked at the areas as possibilities for expansions, areas you might want to expand your city, so the placing is with future planning of the player, not necessarily the programmers. I've changed where I placed my expansions more than once considering the areas available.
  4. Partial Fills

    I rather like this idea as I've posted some 'rounding out the stocks' trades and had large amounts that I broke into smaller amounts for the ease of the other players looking to fill them. Although I don't think 'simultaneous' ever happens, multiple trades on the same offer seems like a good idea.
  5. Where are my free spins????

    That would be a failing attempt, since it's the world I'm annoyed with, and its' mindset, not limited to the thread. The thread is just a good chance to get the annoyance out before it bubbles out.

    Most quests I've been through that worked like that, you don't even need to complete the construction. You sure you didn't just miss seeing the check after having started the first construction? It does go away after a few seconds.
  7. Where are my free spins????

    Considering how this is far from the first time things have been phrased like this, and I don't believe the writer is a native-English-speaker, nor can I assume everyone who reads the hint is a native speaker, I tend towards the other interpretation. You were just angry with your lack of the...
  8. Where are my free spins????

    I find it amusing how people interpret sentences to fit their mindset instead of realizing people actually think about these things. To me it's just another sign of how the world is so focused on the 'me' mindset.
  9. Moderator's opinions

    The mod had to earn the title in the first place, I doubt someone without control or would ban for no reason would have that kind of power. I see the mod title as someone who has earned to be respected in their opinions and given more power because they have shown that they can be trusted with it.
  10. Possible Idea For a new Special Building Mercenaries

    I like the idea, I'd probably use them since I don't know from time to time what I'm going to have available for defense. But I think it should be of your level and possibly chosen out of units you've researched (but might not have the building space/interest. Making them 'Mercenary' units...
  11. Completing research and unlocking

    There are also some quests in later ages which ask you to complete all the research of age 'x' and then you get a decent reward. Generally, I would rush through the research only to get the techs you wish finished and leave the rest if you suddenly need a place to dump your FP or you get a quest...
  12. Aid Feature

    I believe the asked-for quash is inherent, there is no counter to granting AID at any level, each attempt is it's own entity and completely separate from any other attempt. A single stone age M/P means nothing in the grand scheme of things.
  13. Slight mod to Alcatraz generation of unattached troops

    Then you'd have to deal with the consequences, in this case, no troops. That's part of the game mechanics, to find ways to deal with the issues presented. I'm only suggesting a possible way to close the loophole somewhat, not trying to solve all the issues at once or particularly looking at...
  14. Slight mod to Alcatraz generation of unattached troops

    Unless it is said to produce troops during the 24 hours between collection, thus making the switch a full-day thing. Still an abuse like you said, just a little harder to play with. You can still set buildings you don't want to produce from off the streets, but it's prevention as far as this...
  15. Negotiation vs Conquest

    I negotiate mainly because I don't want to dedicate space in my city to building/maintaining the military buildings needed to fight constantly. Even if I had an Alcatraz producing troops, I'd still use negotiation because I still need the Goods for at least research, which means I need those...