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    Can't build mad scientist lab (Halloween event prize)

    I'm having the same problem! I thought at first maybe it was because I left that graveyard in inventory as well, so I built it, but still nothing. I've signed out and back again, still nothing. And yet there it is in my inventory! I'm playing on my iPad. If anyone figures out what is going on...
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    Friends needed,

    Friends? What a novel concept! ​Hello everyone-I've been kicking it in Rugnir for a while but only recently discovered that there's an entire other game going on online-I've been on my iPad. I've just been using 'the bar' (the ones who show up on the bottom who change every Monday?) to be...
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    Looking to Join a Guild

    I have been playing this game on my iPad and I only recently learned that there are worlds and all sort of things to do and a million things I know nothing about, including guilds. I play everyday on my iPad and have a lot to learn. I have somehow made it to the early middle ages by figuring...