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Recent content by Bosshoof

  1. Last Active?

    A fairly new feature, when you click on a friend's name, is last active - less than 2, 2 - 8, or more than 7. What does this refer to? I try to clean the deadwood from my friend list every 2-3 months. I would check the list against the event history (kind of tedious) and dump folks the did...
  2. Healing units?

    Do you need a matching barracks to heal a military unit? I recently aged up and replaced all of my last age barracks with new ones. I have a boatload of previous age units, which I am using in the first couple of levels of GE. I generally replace any unit with two bars of damage before the...
  3. Fighting with lower age units

    I have been in the High Middle Ages for quite some time. I am thinking about aging up. I have a boatload of HMA troops. Will they be good for anything after I age up to LMA? I know that I will need to build LMA barracks asap. I have Arc 67, Traz 26, CdM 35, Zeus 29, CoA 29, and TA 17.
  4. Need more rogues

    I think I will keep my two hottest units (grenadier and musketeer) and dump the other barracks. When the balance gets low on the other units, from occasional use, I can swap barracks to rebuild a balance.
  5. Need more rogues

    I am in CA. Have a level 17 Traz, 2 Rogue's dens, 2 Ranger buildings, and 1 each of the other military barracks. I do not seem to get many rogues in my daily Traz production. Right now I have only 58 rogues and over 200 of most others. Any way to tweak this?
  6. August Contest - Summer Event!

    parrot skull mutiny ship flag plank island port cove jewels high seas gold rogue anchor crew plunder hideout first mate keel map ashore ahoy treasure cannon sand
  7. Mughal Empire?

    Any hot tips for a strategy on this new settlement?
  8. When to age up?

    I have been hanging out in HMA for some time now. GB's are coming along: CoA, Zeus & CdM are all over 20, ToR 12, Traz 20, LoA 17, TA 14, and Arc 29. I finish GE every week, fighting 1-3 and negotiating level 4. Some GvG. I have enough fp's ratholed to zip through LMA tech tree. I know...
  9. Terrace Farm?

    How useful is the terrace farm?
  10. Terracotta army vs vineyard?

    Check my math! That is 75 spaces for the vineyard with 6 fields. That sale is getting closer.
  11. Terracotta army vs vineyard?

    For space, the army wins, hands down. 24 spaces give about a 20 boost (att & def) at level 10. A lvl 7 vineyard, with 2 cypress, 2 lavender & 2 olive takes 45 spaces to yield a 16 boost, with 10 fps, a 22% supply boost and a few other goodies. Supplies are not much of an issue at this point...
  12. Terracotta army vs vineyard?

    Trying to decide between building a terracotta vineyard (w/ 4 or 5 fields) and a terracotta army. Any thoughts?
  13. Who is leveling up my GBs?

    I recently logged on and found 3 of my GBs leveled up. I am not mad about this, but curious. I thought it was good manners to ask before leveling up someone's GB, unless otherwise stated. How can I figure out who my benefactor was?
  14. Diamond Expansions?

    When is a reasonable time to buy city expansions with diamonds? Do they get more expensive as time goes by? I have been very frugal with diamonds to date (saved up 670), but as I get stronger I have been accruing a few more in GE. I do not want to age up from CA until I get my fighting...
  15. Winter Bakery

    Can I build 2 gingerbread bakeries? Is it a good plan?