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    Ranking System Should Not Be Secret

    You were absolute right to begin with. Inno should have given us the new rules at the same time they made the rule changes. Although I guess people may play for a variety of reasons, your ranking would be the normal oblivious goal, and not to be given the rules for how this is achieved is an...
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    Ranking System Should Not Be Secret

    Amazing, Inno gave it up a day after Lemur started this thread. o_O
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    New Ranking Feedback

    Inno is very vague about the actual calculation of points. For example: Battle Points: Exactly what specific ranking gain do I get from each battle point? Goods Spent: Exactly what specific ranking gain do I get from each good spent? Building Points: Exactly what specific ranking gain will I...
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    Ranking points

    I concur.
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    Winter Event Feedback

    I'm not able to get by the first quest. Frosty doesn't recognize that my people are enthusiastic and won't give me credit for it. I've rebooted and am still unsuccessful.
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    The nature of proof?

    I agree. ; ^ >
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    'Great Buildings' Strategy Poll

    I'm looking to do a poll about player's opinion of which are the best 'Great Buildings' and why and how best to take advantage of them and at what level do you break even for your investment in a great building. I tried searching, but I couldn't find any strategies that people use in choosing...
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    Valentine's Contest - Day Three - February 3, 2015

    brucebagel houndsmoor diamonds
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    Valentine's Contest - Day 2 - February 2, 2015

    brucebagel Houndsmoor Donald Arthur Kronos
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    Forum Valentine's Contest - February 1st, 2015 (First Day)

    User name: brucebagel World: Houndsmore Answer: Love Love Me Do
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    Advertising for Friends in Houndsmoore

    Advertising for Friends in Houndsmoore. Ever since starting the game in August 2014, I have motivated or polished all my neighbors, all my guild members and all my friends, daily, without fail. Well, I've taken a look at the motivating/polishing I have received in return. It turns out to...
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    Rant of the day

    ; ^ > 'Getting kinda tired if investing in GB's' - Well, then don't. ; ^ > 'the rewards are no longer worth the trouble' - Well, then don't trouble yourself. ; ^ > Just don't invest more than it's worth to you. ; ^ > This is pretty straight forward. ; ^ > ; ^ > If you're feeling hurt...
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    2015 New Year Resolution Contest!

    Look after my reindeer, put out lettuce for my rabbits, a salt lick for the wild life, and wonder in amazement at my eagles.
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    Account deletion

    That is part of the challenge of the game, configuring your properties for best land use. It's meant to be a bit of a geometry puzzle. Those who are better at solving the puzzle, will be able to make better use of land and better able to advance their competitive cause. I rather enjoy the...
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    Day 17 and Frosty isn't working.

    I just completed a research block in my technology tree and Frosty gave me ten stars without any problems. ; ^ >