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Recent content by BruteForceAttack

  1. BruteForceAttack

    Feedback for update 1.213

    From mobile you can donate as many medals as you want there is no 99999 limit
  2. BruteForceAttack

    New Issue Quest tabs become unresponsive....desktop version only....

    Just as FYI, if you press Q , to fix the issue :)
  3. BruteForceAttack

    Black city

    Are you using the app or browser to load foe on iPad?
  4. BruteForceAttack

    Guild Rank

  5. BruteForceAttack

    New Issue GBG causing game to crash on ipads.

    From Inno: We are aware of an issue on version 1.211.19 that will crash when selecting an attackable province in GBG. This has been patched in version 1.211.20; if you do not see this version on your loading screen, please check for updates in your app store. Once you log in on the updated...
  6. BruteForceAttack

    Increased Attack Bonus has become less effective

    Fighting same age troops at "super" high attrition is always almost futile. 110 is pushing way hard for me at 1700/900.
  7. BruteForceAttack

    Increased Attack Bonus has become less effective

    Not sure if you are referring to Attrition or Attack Penalty. In the following screen 45 is the attrition and 431is the Attack Penalty.
  8. BruteForceAttack

    Unformatted FP collection bar suggestion

    Use 5 diamonds and collect all..you will have full 600 in bar.. If you have BG, collect BG and blgs when you hit 100 dump 100 to either your or invest in some other player gb.....finish BG collection and then use 5 diamonds to collect rest of the city.
  9. BruteForceAttack

    Spin the Wheel probabilities

    It is "still" predetermined as soon as you click on spin.... Proof: Have someone in your hood to watch the wheel as you hit the spin, the other player will see what you won even before your wheel stopped spinning.
  10. BruteForceAttack

    Feedback for Update 1.211

    Why is the GBG alert change not listed in the announcement and when will this change be rolled out on mobile platforms?
  11. BruteForceAttack

    How to fight higher-age artillery without losses on the continent map?

    Hmmmm Maybe don't fight at all.. negotiate :) Generally speaking, one or two age higher is ok, three+ age higher will almost become impossible .... of course there are some expectations like you can use FE hover tanks to fight OF/VF etc etc..
  12. BruteForceAttack

    Feedback for Update 1.211

    Thanks for adding the alert on the GBG sectors, however I don't think we need to alert to view the buildings. The only use of that to indicate the battle ground leaders not to build buildings on a sector, don't see much use of it .
  13. BruteForceAttack

    Feedback for the Mughal Empire

    Stole layout from Beta, 21 houses
  14. BruteForceAttack

    When should I age up to Colonial Age or Progressive Era?

    PE sucks for GBG...so when you decide to move CA is better... Your gbs are very low too.. I'd work on your Zeus/CoA/CDM and if possible add AO. BTW better to get zeus, coa and cdm to 11 first. In fact try and get them little higher before you move. Best way to level zeus/coa/cdm after 11 is to...