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If you want my help/opinion/analysis in a thread, use: @ByeOrDie Sep 2, 2016

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May 23, 2019
    1. Lilikoian
      I have not even been playing the last few days cuz I suffered an injury to my face. I have done nothing, yet I receive a nasty message from Inno, that not only tells me I'm shit, despite the fact that I'm not even playing the game right now, but says "you can not reply to this message". So please tell me, why did I get this message??
    2. Lilikoian
      Why did I get this message:
      An Administrator found your in-game behavior to be offensive or against our game rules. Please make sure to interact with other players in a friendly manner.
    3. ByeOrDie
      If you want my help/opinion/analysis in a thread, use: @ByeOrDie
    4. Brokenwingangel
      What are they doing with Uceria? When it be back up?
      1. ByeOrDie
        May 10, 2016
    5. Dashcat
      Hi, how do I contact the Forum Support Team regarding a Forum login issue? I clicked on the "Game Support" tab on the top of the Forum page and it took me to a page where I could post a question/issue. The response I received was that I needed to contact the Forum Team Support because they were on a different server and the In-game support team couldn't help me. Can you help?
    6. bmwr651979
      Is there anything in the works for Android users to get access to the gvg maps yet?
      1. ByeOrDie
        Sorry, I do not know about Inno's plans.
        Dec 17, 2015
    7. King Gerald Lightseeker
      King Gerald Lightseeker
      Thanks for the birthday greeting bro.
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