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    iPad FoE Guide

    Exactly, the guild forum is unfortunately not used much within guilds; most communication happens within the message center Only when I click on a link someone posted in the guild forum, but I do not get that by opening any thread.
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    iPad FoE Guide

    I'm still able to access it at least on Chrome. On bullet 2, make sure the "Request desktop site" is activated (Red Arrow), and the login portion is pretty much under the menu (the Green Circle next to it):
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    Did the 100FP Relic get Nerfed?
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    Guild Expedition Championship Feedback

    End of the week
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    What's this G stand for?

    Congratz on reaching the G :cool:
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    If you want my help/opinion/analysis in a thread, use: @[9184:@ByeOrDie]

    If you want my help/opinion/analysis in a thread, use: @[9184:@ByeOrDie]
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    Promethim not showing up for tech tree

    I would contact support if you haven't already (right-click ingame and go to "Support")
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    Feedback - Arctic Future - part 2

    You're short 17 AF goods based on whatever crew you selected.
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    Some people are cheating the Summer Event (disabling/bypassing wheel spin animation)?

    The wheel always (even past events) was predetermined the moment you clicked spin.
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    Flagging Inactive players

    If you click on their name, you will get a graph on their point changes since more than a year ago. You can see how long a player has been inactive based off of how long the bar stays straight (hover over the line to get exact dates/point values). Note the ranking recalculation on February 19th...
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    Confused on Champion

    If you hover over it in the Army Management you'll see it without any bonuses: Then in battle if it's the only unit, you'll see it's boosted stats:
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    Confused on Champion

    Let's say we have a champion with a 4 Chivalry bonus and normally has 50 attack and 40 defense, If the bonus is active, when you hover over the unit, you should see that it has 54 attack and 44 defense.
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    Changelog 1.82 Feedback

    Yep, part 2 in the AF does not have any use for the guild treasury AF goods yet :(
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    add a setting to show totals (previous game play method)

    Does your total amount now come up quicker even though you're still collecting from buildings?