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  1. neighbour abuse

    I have been plundered, I used to get angry, then I accepted it was part of the game. Movie called 13th Warrior, character could not wield his sword, her asked "how am I supposed to fight with this" the response "grow stronger" So I did
  2. Need Friends? Post Here

    Name is cityfan long time gamer, relatively new to the game, seeking friends for the end of the world and a day
  3. Rule One Fun! is recruiting,

    Started a new guild, Guild name Rule One Fun! new players, daily players, established players, the name of the guild says it best, I have played games like this for years, the one thing I know is that if you do not have fun, then you end up leaving. Name is cityfan hope to meet some of you in...
  4. New Guild

    Greetings have started a guild, we only have 3 members, all play daily, looking to grow and have fun, guild name is "Rule One Fun!" Be a part of it at the start of it!!
  5. Want friends? Post here. The ultimate friends list.

    I am looking for the same thing - - - Updated - - - I have zero clue how to invite/add as friend