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  1. Fixed Computer players log in issues

    im on the game now
  2. Server down AGAIN! refer to this thread
  3. Unable to Log-in refer to this link
  4. Unable to Log-in refer to this link
  5. Fixed Computer players log in issues

    can we have a time frame of when the fix is expected to come out
  6. Unable to Log-in

    ikr i came on to collect my buildings and i cant login to the game at all way to go innogames
  7. CHANGELOG 1.110

    yes we are on part 3 of Oceanic Future currently

    they change things for the better i like the new quest overview tbh
  9. Incident Feedback

    lol this comment is to funny
  10. CHANGELOG 1.109

    the update is live it takes bout a day to get the update to mobile users
  11. Foe Very Very Very Very Slow and Laggy on US servers

    html5 is faster then flash is what i hear as all browsers are moving away from plugins to speed them up
  12. Incident Feedback

    I was wondering about the people who didn't have their animations on, if they would still be able to see the incidents. Now i know the answer thanks for clarifying that.
  13. Incident Feedback

    i liked your response to that statement
  14. Not A Bug Tavern grammar errors

    lol i think the grammar is correct in friend's tavern if you ask me
  15. Incident Feedback

    i bet everyone's doing that