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  1. Challenge 1

    A9 B3 C4
  2. Level 23 Guild looking to rebuild

    I am the Founder of the Expedition Traders guild. The Guild was formed when this World started. Over time we have lost members to real life. I don't want to throw away a level 23 Guild, so I am looking for new members. As the name represents the Guild focuses on Guild Expedition and fair trades...
  3. [Answered] Delete City

    Thank you. I want to go back in the time line, but I don't want to loose my building inventory.
  4. advice on joining a guild

    New players are always welcome into Friendship Traders. If you want to learn the game and not feel intimidated, then check us out. I started this Guild soon after this World opened when I discovered a group of neighbors who were confused on how to play. I have been playing for 2 year and belong...
  5. [Answered] 8 rogues become 8 champions??

    That is why you never use Rouges as defenders of your City, as a good attacker will kill the non-Rouges first and then your Rouges are very easy prey.
  6. [Answered] Delete City

    Is the purpose of the delete city function so that you can start over in that World? If I delete my City would I retain the buildings in my inventory, and my inventory, or would I have to start over completely, as if I just joined that World. Thank you.
  7. Something for remodeling

    When I adjust my city I typically know that I need a certain space for a new building(s). I then place the buildings I am deleting in that space so that when my adjustment is done, I then delete/save those buildings and build what I want.