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Recent content by cton2.forge

  1. cton2.forge

    [I.R.L] What’s everyone’s favorite books and movies

    Books : Any of the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett. Movies: Stardust or The Majestic
  2. cton2.forge


    I think you meant 'blunder' on, I don't think OP has the attack boost to attack and plunder anyone in their hood...
  3. cton2.forge


    Don't hesitate to join guilds. All benefit and no drawback as far as I'm concerned. You can guild-hop for a while and see what different guilds are like. You can join for a day, a week or just for 10 minutes to check things out. You can aid everybody and (hopefully) get BPs, check out the...
  4. cton2.forge

    What's The Best Beer?

    I drink Dos Equis! But seriously though, Redneck Gatorade (BL Lime). I love going to those little social gatherings and all the cool kids show up with their fancy 6 packs of expensive imports and it's gone in no time flat. Yours truly shows up with a case of BL Lime (that, by the way, cost...
  5. cton2.forge

    [Answered] What are you supposed to do with a guild?

    That's crazy! I just recently traded 10 Granite (EMA) for 20 Iron (IA) and then traded that for 40 Dye (BA)! When you netted 10 dye for your work I got 4 times that much! Bonkers!!!
  6. cton2.forge

    vote your conscience not your wallet

    Relevance? 7500 pages is an example of too much governance. It's soooo long and convoluted that it is difficult to understand. Relevance - there are a zillion laws, so many that literally no one knows how many laws there are. Classic over-governance. If literally everything is...
  7. cton2.forge

    vote your conscience not your wallet

    Thoreau was about as far from an anarchist as you can get. He wrote (and practiced!) Civil Disobedience to protest what he considered an unjust government(in protest of the institution of slavery). In order to try to change policy not completely do away with it. In fact, the original title...
  8. cton2.forge

    vote your conscience not your wallet

    Did you read the rest of the post? Are numbers not data anymore? What exactly do you need to qualify as data these days? Have you read the Internal Revenue Code? Or can you tell me how many Laws there are? Cause nobody else can. The GAO has been working since 1980 to find out and still...
  9. cton2.forge

    vote your conscience not your wallet

    I know you like to read between the lines and only see what you want to see. I'm not talking anarchy at all. Or a complete lack of any oversight whatsoever. THAT government (that sort of means that there is one) is best which governs least (which means they are doing something not a complete...
  10. cton2.forge

    vote your conscience not your wallet

    True. But just because 22prentwil says something doesn't make it so either. Or Stephen Longshanks. Or Cton. And tones of self-assured righteousness.... Well we'll stop there. I'll take Emerson or Thoreau over some maniac on our forums....
  11. cton2.forge

    vote your conscience not your wallet

    I'll take Thoreau over 22prentwil. And if you want to skip over to Thomas Moore let me know we can go that way too
  12. cton2.forge

    vote your conscience not your wallet

    Hmmm. "That Government is best which governs least" - Thoreau Minimalism. Stay out of my stuff!
  13. cton2.forge

    vote your conscience not your wallet

    DUDE - I've known people like this! Funny story, I got stuck with a bunch of Navy personnel in Afghanistan for a year and being the silly grunt I was I got tasked to run a weapons range every so often (which, as it turned out, was not altogether that helpful). Long story short I've never...
  14. cton2.forge

    vote your conscience not your wallet

    A completely non-political and semantic observation from a philosophy major (always knew that thing would come in handy one day). Freedoms exist in a free state uninhibited by any forms of external entities (i.e. governments). Liberties are given or provided, generally by things like laws...
  15. cton2.forge

    The "Betsy Ross" Flag & Nike

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swastika HIJACKED!!! Originally a Eurasian ancient religious symbol meaning auspiciousness and good luck. Adopted as a symbol of Aryan identity. Not so lucky for the Jews. Now universally accepted as a symbol of hate. Symbology - ironically also referred to...