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Oct 30, 2017
    1. OscarFranklin
      Out of the blue and for nearly two days now my game won't load. I have done everything Support has told me to do in their one and only response and I don't know what to do next. I have tried with every browser known to man (even though the game was working fine for months on chrome) ...any advice. Also, how can I get a message to my guild so they don't boot me?
    2. Darla the Archer
      Darla the Archer
      It appears our guild has been abandoned by its founders and/or leaders...none of the members have rights, so we cannot progress in the expedition...is there any way to unlock so we can nominate new leaders?
    3. Jed 2
      Jed 2
      I have a problem with the Bronze Tower on Jamies, I took the entire province and can open the tower there but cannot access it under event history it is not lit up
    4. kingspann
      I can't open the market in two of my city,do you know why?
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      2. kingspann
        thanks, I will try that
        Apr 9, 2016
      3. kingspann
        That worked, thank you very much
        Apr 9, 2016
      4. toriavic
        you're welcome!
        Apr 11, 2016
    5. LordWarr
      Gunna have to jump on the new world band wagon. Special events are cool, but the GvG is the only reason to play this game, and it's been locked up for months. Any word?
    6. thetruelegend
      sorry to ask about new world I just haven't played for over a year just like to start back with a new world, thanks for reply
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    7. thetruelegend
      will there be a new world anytime soon:)
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    8. dunknomore
      Again and again, just as I get close to having enough diamonds for expansion, the supply is depleted. Why?

      I know this happens with coins as well.
      1. Cassaundrea
        Devs limit the number you can get each age. I believe you can get 2 of each, each age. 2 by diamonds, 2 by medals, 2 by tech tree, 2 by continental map. If you don't use them in your age they stack up till you catch up in your era.
        Feb 19, 2016
      2. Cassaundrea
        If you use them up you have to open a new era to reopen expansions once again.
        Feb 19, 2016
    9. frisbus
      Not sure if you are the person to ask or if this is in fact the place to ask but how can there be an "unknown guild" in GvG?
    10. DarkTwist
      Hey DA,

      I apparently am under a usergroup that disallows me to have a certain amount of message in my inbox. I have a ton of mail I would love to keep. If you could assign me a usergroup that allows me more inbox items that would be great!


    11. DarkTwist
      Now there is a new face.

      Congrats on the position as Community Manager. I am an old staff member from back when FoE first came out. Good luck with everything!

      EDIT: I TOTALLY just realized we have the same join date! Friends for life
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