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GE pop'n fast gold drop'n last Jade so crass 100 fp plast Apr 15, 2019

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Apr 21, 2019 at 1:59 PM
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      GE pop'n fast gold drop'n last Jade so crass 100 fp plast
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    Rising into the sky birds flew away from her feet the air thick with a strange scent and a mist. Easy Skip I know I feel it too, Jen whispered into her horse's ear as she mounted turning her horse slowly looking around as she breathed in deep trying to find a sent. checking the path the path for sines of an ambush thinking herself safe she was surprised to see net flying at her as three spry goblins leaped out of nowhere to assault her, Jen laughed as she twisted in her saddle sliding her palm against her leather pants to where her knives were hidden to throw at the first striking it in the throat as it flailed in a vain attempt to pull the blade that had buried itself to deep into its throat as it spasmed coughing up a red mist the second knife flew striking the second goblin square in the eye, she swung ducking under the net as it flew harmlessly to the ground behind her as she retrieved her blades from their corpses she quickly searching them when Jen noticed a scroll on one of the goblins.