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Recent content by Darth Mole

  1. Darth Mole

    August Contest - Summer Event!

    Parrot - High seas - Plank - Plunder - Hideout - Ashore - Skull - Island - Gold - Ahoy - Mutiny - Port - Rogue - First Mate - Treasure - Ship - Cove - Anchor - Keel - Cannon - Flag - Jewels - Map - Crew - Sand
  2. Darth Mole

    Unformatted About the Antiques Dealer.

    I have a Champ retreat in my AD right now - so coming soon to you I'm sure
  3. Darth Mole

    Winter Event 2020 Feedback

    Echoing the thoughts above re the reindeer aspect. Collect 9/9 and then have to spend 2995 diamonds. I'm normally very appreciative of the events and the free stuff but this is the worst thing I've seen in 6 years of playing. 1/10 Inno. Could do better. See me after class.
  4. Darth Mole

    Anyone know what this is

    Green mark next to the Artificial Scales number in my inventory
  5. Darth Mole

    Biology and Chemistry Terms from A to Z

    Let me know when the fun starts Q is for Quantum
  6. Darth Mole

    Summer 2020 Feedback

    I more Crows nest and a fully loaded villa - spent about 900 diamonds to make sure - that's about 4 weeks worth of GE and other rewards - so well worth it. That wheel movement made me feel quite seasick.
  7. Darth Mole

    I just microwaved my hand!

    I once caught a testicle in a deck chair. Do I win $5?
  8. Darth Mole

    So what is the Summer Event like?

    And occasionally spews out diamonds
  9. Darth Mole

    32 Arc Levels in 43 Minutes!

    Noice! I've done 10 levels of BG in an hour or so. That's pretty impressive.
  10. Darth Mole

    Soccer Event 2020 Feedback

    As above. I'm finishing in Silver league so will get the last 2 upgrades needed to take both parts to level 6 without spending diamonds. Ended up with about 7 extra tracks Perfectly satisfied with the event. Once you get used to the mechanics and use them in your favor then it's well worked out...
  11. Darth Mole

    Soccer Event 2020 Feedback

    Why all the whining? It's a free game. You can play for free. The rewards are free. Some people chose to use diamonds to make the game free for the rest of us. Don't like it? Don't play. Can't figure out the mechanics? Try harder. Simple.
  12. Darth Mole

    Guild Battlegrounds Improvements - Road to Victory Feedback

    Here's the answer as posted by RBP
  13. Darth Mole

    Best way to upgrade my special event buildings?

    Correct but the OP doesn't specify whether he's wanting to add a level or an age/s.
  14. Darth Mole

    Best way to upgrade my special event buildings?

    Look for One up Kits and Renovation Kits as daily rewards or as special event rewards (and also in GE)
  15. Darth Mole

    Checkbox in Group Settings to “remove exiting guild members”

    I too run a large guild and it is a pain in the neck adding and deleting members from threads regularly. The ability to have a checkbox where new members are automatically added to some pre-chosen threads and leaving members are automatically removed from them would be great. +1 from me.