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  1. Blocked players (or "ignored") are able to send personal messages

    Anybody else have this issue with the new message system? Double-checked and the player who contacted me is definately still on ignore and sent a message to JUST me on a NEW thread. I threw a ticket up there for 'em to check out already, just wondering if anybody else seen this yet.
  2. Fixed Future & Newest Bldgs Not on iPad

    I tend to use the phone app from time to time and have the same issue. Haven't had any luck with update/reinstall. Its possible I simply need to upgrade to newer ISO or whatever. Can anyone confirm whether its the Inno software behind or mine?
  3. Hardwood Forest Guild Scam

    These things get more & more ridiculous whenever I'm foolish enough to check the forums anymore. I don't even know where to start with this.... Put it this way: You've obviously answered your own question by posting this thread.

    Actually no, what your describing is a very best case scenario. Inno had all of this information at its disposal and released the new message system regardless. Don't ask me why. Anybody over there ever thought two seconds before allowing the intern--who's been there 2 months, never played...
  5. Reverting back to the Old Mail System from the New Mail System

    Yes Please! For whatever reason, this is one of those that Inno is being very stubborn about. I'm sure there's some players in favor of the new system, but I don't know any. All the feedback on beta was extremely clear how problematic the new message system was. Whats more is there wasn't...
  6. GB Balancing Issues

    Yeah I don't really see a way out of it for Inno at this point. It was a bad move, but they won't be able to undo the current scores without substantial backlash, and ya can't exactly make a different set of rules for the new kids on playground. My take? Just let the baby have its bottle...
  7. Colosseum has to change GB bonus

    I guess I'm lost as to what you mean by "storing units." They're already "stored." I'm not opposed to raising the values on some of the more useless GBs, after all Inno is not unknown to nerf the more powerful ones, but lets be honest here: No one ever twisted your arm into building Notre...
  8. Is this message against the rules

    You can trade whatever you want. Maybe your guild leader doesn't like it and boots you from the guild. Hence possibly against "guild rules." As far as game rules go, do whatever you want. There's certainly nothing to report to Inno about. I would be careful about using another guys name on...
  9. Forwarded AID ALL button: DO IT Inno, DO IT OR THE KITTEN GETS IT

    Agghhhh....I've given my opinion on this enough....but I'll add this--- if this were to go through, then why in the world would you even have an aid/mopo element in the first place????? If you're suggesting to just do away with it entirely, fine. Everyone simply always at 100% (no reason for...
  10. Aid all button

    ...and everyone knew this request would be repeated over and over as soon as the aid button was introduced. The more ya grease the wheels the more they squeak around here. Why not just play a game that is nothing more than an "I win!!" button? Something where ya just click the button and...
  11. Space Needle - would you bother?

    I wouldn't build it.
  12. buildings

    well, your obviously not selling buildings OF THE SAME AGE as even your post states. I assure you, any buildings of the age work, most players just build 2 roads (again of the current age) and delete them for simplicity.
  13. Rogue Strategy

    lol, you'll fair slightly better then without the rogues, put it that way.
  14. Trade CHEATER Filter.... Proposal

    Are you serious? You think its "cheating" because someone else disagrees with the values YOU set for THEIR trade? Just don't take the trade if you have your own opinions!
  15. Fixed Rogue with armor possible Bug

    heh, yeah they probably didn't think of that. I don't really see it mixing stuff up much though.