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Recent content by Diluc Ragnvindr

  1. Feedback for update 1.214

    I'm downright sick and tired of people saying "bUt mOsT pEoPlE wHo sUpPoRt thE cHanGes dOn'T sPeaK up oN tHe fOrUms". This argument is as stupid as saying "Trump(or any person who lost an election) should've won but voter turnout was low". In elections, not everyone shows up. So do we count the...
  2. Feedback for update 1.214

    I know that this is a minor issue, but these new targets, i don't like them as much as the old ones. I wish there was an option to switch them back from person to person. Maybe an old look menu where you can revert it to the old look would be a nice change
  3. Feedback for update 1.214

    The arguments supporting the changes are downright hilarious and pathetic. Examples: "Just adjust, with practice". Ok, cool. Let's move the battle button to the top right of the screen, and the auto to the bottom right, and continue to the bottom left. What's wrong with this? You can learn it...
  4. [Guide] Higher Age Units Guide v2.05

    Ok, i managed to get the hovers and other stuff. This shows that even if you get the story quest to come back during the TE map, as long as you don't finish "Dictator's Death", you can still jump past CE blocker and TE straight to FE. Furthermore, when i scouted bisoraba, i took it completely...
  5. [Guide] Higher Age Units Guide v2.05

    Got it. I am almost done with the marked tiles on the TE Cmap, and I should finish tomorrow(been rushing progress). If i get cucked, i will let you know here. If i don't get cucked, i will let you know too.
  6. [Guide] Higher Age Units Guide v2.05

    Hello all! I have a bit of a complicated question. I am currently trying for FE units in Indy, and i am at the start of the TE map. I decided to do an RQ, and suddenly, "Dictator's death" replaced the RQ slot. I Know this is supposed to happen, but since i have yet to do the TE map yet, does...