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  • Oi oi, been so busy of late, what with the bugs that had to be hotfixed. Little time for pwning.
    Hey there, I hope you have yourself a good night.
    Thank you. I just didn't have the right editing programme on this computer and was too lazy to switch. But it was kind of you to do that. I'll add it. Thank you, again.
    Oh Lord ... I can't take stressing over losing cities again. This little low-risk game is more my speed these days. I do miss the fun of coordinating battles tho...
    HA! That is the best payback EVAR!! You are truly eviiiil... LOLOL
    Dom! It's Melissius, checking out the game. You need to clear out your inbox - can't send a PM! Hit me up when you can. xo
    Just google what's on your mind and funny stuff comes up lol
    Hey would you like me to update the total goods required table and send you a picture to add to your guide?
    Thanks :p It did take 500 spam posts and $65 to convince him, so I guess there's still some standard for mods.

    Speaking of which, when are you gonna be promoted? ;) I mean, you have more posts than me, so surely that makes you qualified.
    Gosh I forgot what it was. LOL And have since deleted my folders. It will come back to me if it had any significance whatsoever.
    No on the "Guides" search link you provided in your post. It goes to a page that says "Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms." This has nothing to do with inventory or your guide that you posted.
    Actually I wasn't referring to what you thought I was. I responded to your post, so check it out :p should probably be a little easier on him/her :p You scary!
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