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    What difference does it make?

    Ahhh I understand now... Sooo, the fact that Bush fell for one con "the iraq WMD" intelligence, he will be forever penalized. BUT...Benghazi, well by all means, his watch, his team, his administration...but it doesn't matter really.... and furious....another example of his watch...
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    What difference does it make?

    Meh, but by all means we should be allowed to hold on to this administrations "oops" moments as doggedly as they STILL do to Bush's.....tomato, tomato.
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    Our Moral Compass

    Well this thread has been as interesting as the text to read it said it would be. Here is my take on morals. Some people are just liars. They skirt the truth, and play with peoples heads for the heck of it...kicks and giggles. Is this not a moral compass? Is a person incapable of truth...
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    How can this happen?

    easiset fix of ready? pick up your goods ontime. if you don't, i figure you are youreself to blame...jus saying.
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    King of the Hill

    I am just going to mardh up to your hill and take one look at you, kickyoou in the netehr regions and dare you to hill. and I dare anyone to come near me ant dake it!
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    North Korea. Should we worry about them?

    we dont need towoory bout north korea because the media does't think itis that big fo news. they would rather discuss sports sexual orientation............more imoportant
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    Banned from the Forum

    you got banned for not reading the thread in it 12page etirety and figring it otu
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    get rid of thugs in your neighborhood

    yes, these people should go try and play Tribal Wars or Grepolis.....your defenses get breached there, you are likely to lose the whole city. And if it is your only one, guess what? you hit the rim....count your blessings, and pay attention to your pick up times, for goodness sakes, stop whining.
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    Spammer Email in game

    Send a support ticket and call it done.
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    Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion - Discussion Thread

    So I wrote Sharp a private PM telling him I am sorry but I could no longer participate in the debates. Now many of you know I am usually the only one one of the very few who will go to the opposite side for long periods, and actually do research and not just pop off the top of my head. I felt...
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    Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion - Discussion Thread

    Now please explain who thought that the federal government was at fault for not doing enough? I seem to think that both are guilty. You seem to be the one on the band wagon that it was 100% the companies fault. I seem to also remember that the link I gave you on the other page, and the one...
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    Flags are outmoded

    Sharpshooter... For starters, I never and would never blame Texas's problems on the "trash" of other try again. And secondly, after this comment about West, Texas, if you want to continue on with this discussion start a new thread after all, it has nothing to do with "flags". I...
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    [Question] Game Volume

    turn it off?
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    Flags are outmoded

    I will agree here.............I would lay our crime increase on other factors other than "trash" from other states. More notably, I'd say our crime increased due to A) gang related causes B) illegal immigrants C) society degeneration as a whole. But that is just my opinion. I personally take...
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    Flags are outmoded

    I agree. There is a pride in flying a flag. Take a Texan for example...... I rest my case....Try and take a Texan's flag (state or national) and watch dust fly) Here, people are so proud of their flag, they decorate their houses with it....