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Recent content by Draqone

  1. [Guide] Higher Age Units Guide v1.2

    Does anyone have information what is the earliest age you can trigger the CE sidequests that reward units? I am in IndA right now, I fought the first 3 provinces of the CE map. I arrived at Al-Shadyra, the first province of Abdul Alhazred, and I would love to get the CE units. Do I need to move...
  2. Why can't I get into Guild Expedition Level II

    If the entire leadership is inactive you can try contacting support to give you the rights. But honestly, probably easier to just find a more active guild.
  3. [Guide] Higher Age Units Guide v1.2

    Did you take only 2 sectors of Bisorabia, as the quest asked, before progressing? Not doing this might break the quests.
  4. [Guide] Higher Age Units Guide v1.2

    Hey! I wanted to thank you for your guide. It inspired me to check if I can get tanks/snipers in colonial, and it seems it's possible. I explained how I managed it here: https://forum.en.forgeofempires.com/index.php?threads/draqones-journal.44110/#post-443719