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Recent content by Duke of WH13

  1. Duke of WH13

    Change in Start

    Am I going crazy or did the day the Forge Bowl starts change. Thought yesterday my mystery box said 3 days x hours.
  2. Duke of WH13

    Feedback for the Guild Battlegrounds Update 2021

    From what I understand that is random though. So next round you may have better SC opportunities. I like it if it is random. Just another challenge of the game.
  3. Duke of WH13

    Feedback for the Guild Battlegrounds Update 2021

    Have noticed that all guild members can put up and take down the targets and not to hit hand. Is this a bug? Would really like that to just be for us Founders and leaders.
  4. Duke of WH13

    Great Building target levels

    Unless I missed it in the guides. Wondering if anyone has a list of targeted levels of each great building?? Or optimal level?
  5. Duke of WH13

    New Issue Servers still down

    Have several in my guild having issues on PC. Lucky for me I have no issue on PC. Using Google Chrome.
  6. Duke of WH13

    Rearranging City

    I have searched and can't find this. Can someone tell me, When I rearrange my city and hit the check mark to apply it, does it reset the timer to collect on all my buildings??
  7. Duke of WH13


    Is Legacy your screen name in game?? Not finding you.
  8. Duke of WH13

    Feedback for Update 1.211

    In the change log it said there would be an indicator for the friends social bar and that it was already available for guilds. Am I looking in the wrong place?? I don't see this for friends or guild. ** EDIT** Ok I found it. On PC hover over your friend. You will see it there.
  9. Duke of WH13


    ⭐️ Come One~Come All ⭐️ We are looking to add some active players. Here at WareHouse13 it's our goal to make this game a fun experience while providing support for all members. Your city will grow and prosper with our full array of threads. Let our many years of experience guide you to success...
  10. Duke of WH13

    1.9 Thread positions.

    Some of us in my guild have been having this discussion about taking lower spots on building in the 1.9 before the higher one is taken. I wanted to get some outside opinions. Example. P3 and P4 are listed. What are your thoughts of P4 being taken before P3?? Does that leave P3 open for a sniper...
  11. Duke of WH13

    1.9 thread

    So how new?? What level Arc. Why are they leaving your guild to join a more active 1.9? So when they grow are they just going to leave and go back to your guild? Warehouse 13 may be open to some. We have several new members now that are lower level and working to bring them up. Not sure how...
  12. Duke of WH13

    Playing on Beta

    If I were to play on Beta could I play from the same browser?? Like now I play on google. Could I just open a new tab? Don't want to get flagged for something. LOL
  13. Duke of WH13

    Guild Battle Ground Attrition

    We were discussing in our guild and wondering if attrition and rewards have anything to do with each other?? Is there a better chance of reward the higher your attrition? My thought was no. The Wiki says that 50% of the time it will be a fragment of the Statue of Honor. So that leaves 50% chance...