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  1. Competition - Spot the Difference!!

    1: missing leaf 2: dude in the background 3: eyes changed color 4: feathers changed color 5: missing wristband Ebs the Drunk - us19
  2. Feedback for Changelog 1.175

    Because you haven't updated to 1.175 yet. Hasn't been released for mobile yet.
  3. Animations are on even if turned off.

    Ok, I did check the confirmed and didn't see it there so wasn't sure.
  4. Animations are on even if turned off.

    World: us and zz, although I believe is every server. Version: Android 1.174.2, Unable to check iOS. Description of the bug: I logged in and saw animations were on, checked settings and animations were off. I turned them on and off again, animations were gone. Then I entered settlements and...
  5. Research tech tree feedback

    I like the improved functionality, being able to collapse the trees and scroll through them quickly is nice. I'm not a fan of the new look though but maybe I need time for it to grow on me. Something about the bright, flat background doesn't quite fit when all the other menus have a darker...
  6. Summer Event 2019 feedback

    You get 8 per day as well. Assuming you're building from scratch; you need one of the 3 ship selection kits to get the base ship, and then you need enough upgrades. If you get enough upgrades you can pick the pirate ship when you reach max level.
  7. we need a notepad

    It's possible to type in your browser window like a notepad. Google it, not hard to find, easy to do, completely safe and works with every browser (far as I know), and is great for things like quick math.
  8. Summer Event 2019 feedback

    Wishing well doesn't give population. Wishing wells have a higher chance to give gold, supplies, and medals than the other good stuff combined. Crows' Nest doesn't even have gold or supplies on the random loot table, that alone gives you a significantly higher chance of getting a good item vs...
  9. Summer Event 2019 feedback

    Level 8 Crow's Nest does not give the same stuff, nor the same amounts or %'s as a wishing well.
  10. Summer Event 2019 feedback

    Yeah, normally. But also normally the event ends, in the US, 1-4 hours into the date that is posted in the announcement. If THIS event ends 1-4 hours into the 21st, that is not a full day.
  11. Summer Event 2019 feedback

    "Until" makes me think the event ends in the morning on the 21st. Do we not get a full day to do the last quest since there's 21 dailies?
  12. Changelog 1.157 Feedback

    The Summer event has 5 days left on beta, so no it's not wrapped up. In fact they made changes to the event just yesterday. Also it says "continues work on" not "starting working on", which again makes me think they meant the Summer Event. Otherwise, to non beta players, it would sound like...
  13. Changelog 1.157 Feedback

    Think that's supposed to be Summer Event. You found the feedback, but can't find announcements?
  14. Guild vs Guild Improvements Feedback

    *opens changes* *ctrl+f* *searches for "mobile"* "Not found." Bummer. *closes changes*
  15. Viking Settlement Quests Update

    If we finally start using the mead hall, would you stop changing the last quest? Just to clarify, only the Quest 5 and 10 milestones got swapped. The quests themselves were unchanged.