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Recent content by Emberguard

  1. Emberguard

    PvP Arena (Reworked) Feedback

    There’s also another factor with the age you’re in. Progressive Era flips the attack pyramid nullifying any attack bonuses from typing. It’s also around that point where unit skills take a greater role in battles. So as a Industrial Age player I can’t use typing to my benefit: the opponent gets...
  2. Emberguard

    A Crazy Thought on Events

    The first priority should be to make a solid product that people enjoy. Not something that people find boring. There will be a point when people lose interest simply from doing the same thing over a extended period of time, but if you make the game good then people will spend money on it. That...
  3. Emberguard

    New Idea Allow Open-Door Guilds to Maintain a Friendly Community

    I disagree. It does depend on the specific world and server as to whether any other guilds in there are bothering with PR in the first place, but a top guild that stops PR is a guild that is at risk of no longer being a top guild. It’s the reason you still see top brands in the real world...
  4. Emberguard

    Surprise Boxes

    It shows contents in mobile app. But yeah, just open them and you’ll solve the problem as all the boxes give a selection kit corresponding to that event.
  5. Emberguard

    Statue of Honor in Bronze Age

    By being in a guild. All members get fragments at end of season
  6. Emberguard

    New Idea Allow Open-Door Guilds to Maintain a Friendly Community

    Which defeats the purpose of having a guild section
  7. Emberguard

    A Crazy Thought on Events

    Within the last few days. Desktop specifically. However I did clear cookies + cache and it appears to be working again on my device. So if someone is still having issues it may be worth clearing cookies + cache and see if that clears it up
  8. Emberguard

    New Idea Allow Open-Door Guilds to Maintain a Friendly Community

    A blacklist / block to join option would be a good idea for auto-join guilds. There’s just one caveat to this. It must be linked to the account, not the name. Otherwise they’ll be back in 6 months and whoever picks up the old name will be blocked instead In fact, if it can be done to block by...
  9. Emberguard

    Has the black tower really fallen from grace to this extent?

    \ In the inventory top right there's a lock button to unlock locked items. Anything locked can't be sold
  10. Emberguard

    New Idea See Future levels of GB's

    What exactly do you want to see with this that we don't already see for the next level?
  11. Emberguard

    Why Are Reindeer & Confectionary not connected with other Supply buildings

    Because they’re event/special, not techtree unlocked
  12. Emberguard


  13. Emberguard

    So it was all about bots after all. Imagine my surprise.

    Also peoples habits would have changed over the last year just from Covid changing the dynamics of how often you’re at home. So the data is going to look different within the last year and you’d need to be able to differentiate between changing real life habits and bots
  14. Emberguard

    Does A Guild Have To Restart At Level 0 Because Of Changing It's Name?

    Nothing changes except the name when you edit the name