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Recent content by ExtraMile

  1. ExtraMile

    Why do high level players use swaps?

    1.9 is more efficient FP wise than swaps for leveling GBs. As for converting bar FP to packs, and getting prints/medals (with lv. 80 arc) taking spots in the 1.9 thread (or sniping) is most efficient as well. The only way one could make swapping more profitable than 1.9 would be: Using swaps to...
  2. ExtraMile

    Sniping Progress

    Well it happened... hate mail for sniping. And when he first messaged me I thought he was really polite... it’s too bad I chose to ignore his first message - I could’ve had fun with this guy.
  3. ExtraMile

    Booby Traps

    Right. Losing a few coins, supplies, or occasionally a small amount of goods or FP is a huge deal. You really think Inno cares? If plundering is enough to chase someone off, that individual likely wouldn’t have become a long time player/customer anyway. Usually the people Inno likes to cater to...
  4. ExtraMile

    Soccer Event 2020 Feedback

    Well, the event is just about over for me. In my main city I have spent all my drinks, and only have 2 more tickets to spend (once they regenerate). I’ve guaranteed myself the fully upgraded Hippodrome without spending diamonds (thanks to a 20 drink incident collected this afternoon that gave me...
  5. ExtraMile

    Great Buildings with even greater potential?

    I would beg to differ. In fact, Hagia is one of the most efficient FP producers in terms of amortization (how quickly FP invested pays back.) Level 55 offers the fastest amortization for the HS, paying back invested FP in 332 days. Here is a chart to show how this compares to other FP...
  6. ExtraMile

    Soccer Event 2020 Feedback

    I don’t mind them. I personally have looked at the tournament as just a way to pick up a few extra rewards - I’ll put it this way: I’d rather have the event as it is than have the tournament removed. As for getting into silver league - well without spending diamonds that’s difficult no matter...
  7. ExtraMile

    Great Buildings with even greater potential?

    Some GBs will always be better than others. Even if the devs reworked some of them to try and make them all “equally good”, there will always be GBs that are good to build and those that are not (depending on your play-style of course). Although I agree with you that some GBs suck, I don’t think...
  8. ExtraMile

    Pls Disallow Neighbor BULLY GB Contribution

    Oh please. Let me guess, if you’re playing monopoly and you land on boardwalk, your opponent who asks you for rent is employing a “bully tactic” as well? Come on now. This is a a competitive game, and sniping is a completely fair part of it. Don’t whine and say that those who take advantage of...
  9. ExtraMile

    [Question] Best use for goods: GBG or selling?

    The drop rate per negotiation (which can be found on the unofficial wiki) is just about 25% per negotiation, so assuming that a player is in diamond league, that is roughly 250 FP per 100 negotiations. So as for your question as to if you should use goods in GBG, or sell them, I would say that...
  10. ExtraMile

    New to this

    Diamonds are the only resource that is account wide, so diamonds you earn in one of your cities can be used in any of your other cities. This is something you can take advantage of. Start a city in another world (or multiple) for the sole purpose of farming diamonds. Get as many wishing wells as...
  11. ExtraMile

    Arc building in late middle ages

    You have to find someone to trade you the Future Era goods for your lower age goods in exchange for forge points. If you don’t have a goods seller in your guild, just message one of the top players in your world. Almost all of them sell goods. Send them a friend request, tell them the goods you...
  12. ExtraMile

    Seriously! Stop! Plundering!

    You really have no idea what you are talking about, do you? No problem at all with that. I’m not here to judge you (or anyone else) for their game knowledge or lack thereof. We’ve all been beginners at some point. The problem is your attitude. If you are wondering why your comments have drawn...
  13. ExtraMile

    Which GBs have you been to IRL?

    I’ve been to the Capitol multiple times, and Alcatraz once. (Never went inside either though). Some of the other ones I would most want to visit are Notre Dame, the Colosseum, Chateau Frontenac, and Voyager V1 (once it’s built in Abu Dhabi).
  14. ExtraMile


    You can research it once you’ve unlocked Frame Houses and Tanning.