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  • LMAO I see lots of people still making 1-3 goods at a time
    I Would never not in a 100 years do this
    Wish there was a gift giving on this for helping out A little box to open in the Message center /Official
    Sometimes when i check in its to keep my acct here active. My last one was purged because i seldom logged in ...learned lesson:D
    Good job with the Mughal Empire WHAT A JOKE WITH THE LAST QUEST 1500 Deplomacy
    never do that Again LMAO
    How long do I have to wait on a world to get some regular
    most worlds I have none regular Incidents
    1-2 I got lots I think these is bugged
    People Do have a life you know And kicking people When it says more than 7 days IS NOT GOING TO CUT IT
    LOL do we need to make a list and track them on a print out of 70+ People
    Give us more 2 work with !
    IF YOU AGREE post >yes<
    Sometimes the aid-all still needs to be fixed IT IS BUGED for the Event Quest, the number will still count up & down making the Quest pointless
    Tell me this! What's Wrong with Knowing if my guild mats Are active or not lol there's nothing for others to take advantage of.
    motivate or polish 50 buildings for other players
    Do not use the aid all It is glitchy i can see the numbers of the Quest #s go up & down lol
    I don't get some people saying HS is not good to have for that space
    I think it's a must if you have it at a good Level No Happyness buildings is ever needed to take up any more space in your city PLUS it makes FP's
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