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FonBaHH21's latest activity

  • FonBaHH21 reacted to Ebeondi Asi's post in the thread Level 80 arc? with Like Like.
    There are at least a million ways to play Foe. Players can decide to follow one path or another to get where they wish to go. No...
  • FonBaHH21 replied to the thread Level 80 arc?.
    OK, thank you. However I'm looking for a receipt how to start an Arc building. I must fight more and wait for an Arc BP as reward or...
  • FonBaHH21 replied to the thread Association.
  • FonBaHH21 replied to the thread Level 80 arc?.
    Tell me please what will happen when I will build these buildings to level ten. Is there a hidden / locked option to start building Arc...