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  1. Fixed sinerania loading issues

    The issue was scattered all over the world, and not just the US server from what I'm hearing. Personally, I had no problems on B world, but could not even get on C world on this server. I had no issues with H world on the EN server. Crazy stuff
  2. Update to 1.181 Feedback

    The Truce Tower is ugly and boring. It just sits there. It needs to move or do something. And the pink.... Really? Pink?
  3. Changelog 1.165

    Seriously?????? How do you know who goes inactive on your friend's list if you don't use the TH? Everyone I know on the US and EN servers aid (AND TAVERN SITS) from their TH. And God forgive me for including tavern sitting as part of aiding..... wow
  4. Changelog 1.165

    Tavern window still opens when aiding from Town Hall which most of us on PC do. But does not open when aiding from the bar. Why is that?
  5. Guild Battlegrounds Arrival Feedback

    Thank you. If I'm understanding this correctly, reset in GBG will be every 4 hours. GVG is already changed to every 8 hours over on the EN server and is a total disaster. These servers cannot handle all that activity plus all the graphics at the same time. We all lock up or get kicked from the...
  6. Guild Battlegrounds Arrival Feedback

    What does this mean? How many participants can we have in a Battleground map? Battlegrounds can contain from 5 to 8 participants. The more competitors you have, the more MMR points are at stake (so you can win more, but you can also lose more). Is that only 5-8 guild members can play BGB at...
  7. Changelog 1.165

    Interesting how these changes will hit the EN server on Monday but not the US server until Wednesday....... am looking forward to most of them though.
  8. Fall Event 2019 Feedback

    OK, here's my feedback. It's ridiculous that the quests are not the same across the EN and US servers. US has more requirements, making it harder to complete the tasks.
  9. Fall Event 2019 Feedback

    Why aren't the event quests the same across all servers? On the wiki and the EN server, the 4th quest is to do 15 minute productions a specific number of times. Yet on the US server it is 1 hour productions. Why is that? I noticed there were timed production differences in the last event as well.
  10. Changelog 1.155 feedback

    I had this exact thing happen to me with this event.. Had to rebuild a building.
  11. Space Age Mars

    Am I understanding this correctly? Once one completes the Mars colony and moves to the next colony, the Mars colony and everything in it is gone?
  12. Hall of Fame

    This honor would not be for just any founder or guild member. This is a very special or elite honor for someone who has had an affect on many more members all across a particular world or multiple worlds. In the case of Twom, she was not only a founder, but also a senior in-game moderator for...
  13. Hall of Fame

    We both play on the US server as well. I play B, C and once in a while on D. This proposal would apply separately to each server, but needs support across every server we can get, so Inno sees the interest. For the US server, it would apply strictly to a US server player. We are still trying to...
  14. Hall of Fame

    Totally agree. Twom will be greatly missed by many. she was a classy lady always willing to help anyone. ♥ RIP Twomsuk ♥ All, what we are proposing is a possible dedicated thread to those long term players who have gone above and beyond. This would also be someplace where those of us who knew...