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Recent content by Geezer L. Draisaitl

  1. August Contest - Summer Event!

    parrot plank high seas plunder ashore skull island gold hideout ahoy mutiny port rogue first mate treasure ship cove anchor keel cannon flag jewels crew map sand
  2. New Issue All taverns showing "0/6"

    Yes, the friends' taverns are glitching, showing randomly wrong numbers...sometimes full when not and sometimes just random and not full when it is. Other than this issue, LOVING THE PATCH!
  3. LFP for My Guild: Perpetual Force

    Hello everyone. I am reaching out to players who want to join a friendly, helpful guild to work with us as we build up to compete at the highest level in GE and GBG. We do not participate in GVG. Perpetual Force was founded in February of this year, and, though we are small in numbers, we have...
  4. Word Finder Competition

    1. market 2. incident 3. research 4. supplies 5. guild(s) 6. population 7. suishun mill 8. daily challenge 9. friends tavern 10. antiques dealer 11. forge points 12. challengers chest 13. chateau frontenac 14. the great wheel 15. great building 16. plunder 17. expansion 18. lighthouse of...