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  1. [FAQ] Who can edit the wiki - Coke oven it says Fertiliser plant - not Coke Oven. (Ive not checked for other errors) ive not got edit rights.
  2. Will the game be reset when the HTML5 switch happens (and more)?

    Hmm Sounds good - Keep our GB's (at the current levels) & Terrace farms in inventory. But reset our game right to the start.
  3. [Question] Odd behavior in MESSAGE CENTRE

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone else has this problem. When i first noticed it, I was thinking my PC was getting old and my screen will need to be replaced. However, I use other websites and can ONLY see this error in the the PC / website version of the message centre. No other screens /...
  4. Positioning of the left side icons

    If the "permanent" icons appear as position 1, 2, 3 and 4. after a while, there is something to collect, the 'collect' icon appears in position 1, and the 'permanent' icons appear in positions 2, 3, 4 and 5. (position 5 is off the screen on some Pcs) But, you now see the collect icon in...
  5. Positioning of the left side icons

    This is not a new icon. The icon im refering to already exists - & appears when there is something to collect. All im asking for / suggesting, is that this icon appears above the other icons. (for those people that can not see the icon if it appears). Ive tried to re-size my screen but can not...
  6. [Question] Holiday seasons - GVG / GE etc ?

    Ok, thanks.
  7. Positioning of the left side icons

    A person should not have to reposition / change their computer/browser to play a game. if i need to do something to locate an icon - i may as well just peruse my whole map to see what needs picking up (defeats the whole purpose of the icon, to tell me that something needs picking up.)
  8. [Question] Holiday seasons - GVG / GE etc ?

    I cant remember what happened last year, but if i recall correctly, GVG / GE was closed over the christmas / new year period. Does anyone know whats happening this year ?
  9. Positioning of the left side icons

    Hi, I am not sure what they are called, but on the left side of my screen (on a PC) there are different faces that come up for events. Underneath those is another face for the treasure hunt. im not sure what its called but when there are coins to collect, or resources / products to collect...
  10. Opera browser - how to install adobe FLASH ?

    Thank you spnnr - It worked :)
  11. Opera browser - how to install adobe FLASH ?

    Ive got it going on MOZILLA - but flash works VERY slow on mozilla, But i at least can see the game. (mozilla itself told me that flash plays slow)
  12. Opera browser - how to install adobe FLASH ?

    Hi, I've been playing FOE for a LONG LONG time quite hapily on opera browser. Now, tonight i had to clear my cache due to an unrelated reason (not to do with FOE). However, Now i load up FOE & have to enter my password etc - So far, so good. However when it loads up the game part. up pops a...
  13. Return Forge Points to Donor for "Dead" GBs

    i like the idea - plus if you can ONLY add Fp to a GB of an ACTIVE player. (by whatever definition INNO has of an active / dormant player). The only abuse i can see - is if you put 100's of Fp into an active player, but you KNOW they'll be dormant (i dont know how you will know this). But lets...
  14. Largest city ?

    Just curios. has anyone found a really big city ? - a high age - theyve unlocked all their possible land-packages as prizes/rewards - theyve used diamonds at each age to unlock more land. Just curious - on how big a city can be if the maximum land areas are unlocked..
  15. Soccer field promotion - pop up..

    sent this as a reply to my support ticket: