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    Update to 1.185 - Feedback

    Good set of inprovements.
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    Seeing lot of lag.

    I have ben seeing a lot of lag in the game as of late. Wondering of others are seeing it as well or if it's just on my end.
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    Summer 2020 Feedback

    The governor's villa is an awesome event building. The rest of the prizes need some work they need a rebalance.
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    Guild Battlegrounds Improvements - Road to Victory Feedback

    I wish it was a good building for it's size perhaps in the future if they add levels to it.
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    road to victory

    I wish the Road to Victory. Was not a bad building.
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    Guild Battlegrounds Improvements Feedback

    They should have rebalanced the SoH so each level gave 1 FP and 10 guild goods. It would hurt the lower levels on it but would be better for the long run. I hear the Road to Victory in the beta is currently bad and needs to be better.
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    Update to 1.177 - Feedback

    I feel one of the ways they can fix it would be increase the % chances of getting X4 loot/goods. For that settlement. I hope they get around to fixing the new units as they are bad.
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    Indy Age worth spending time in?

    Indy Age is rough with fighting I tell many to just go throw it and get to progressive as its better for fighting in GE & battle grounds.
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    New rewards from Antiques Dealer - feedback

    It's nice to be seeing new things added in this way. Hope they eventually remove the less appealing things from it as well in time so it's easier to get what you are looking for more often .
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    Guild Battlegrounds Arrival Feedback

    One solid way to get those goods from that previous era is to build and level a Star Gazer.
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    Changelog 1.167 feedback

    Theres tons of Decos that pop up often along with some units like the drummer, Supplies & Coin pop up often Aid kits & the defense potions / The random Blueprint. Some times I see things that don't even get bid on in the timed auctions like the The Balloon Site.
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    Changelog 1.167 feedback

    It's nice to see them Adding stuff to the Antiques Dealer. Hope they remove some of the Trash Items at some point.
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    Guild Battlegrounds Arrival Feedback

    It does really suck that the tavern boost doesn't work for the extra turn in the negations. Not sure why the attack boost works but not the extra turn.
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    Changelog 1.165

    This one is amazing one glad to finally have this action.
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    Game lag

    I remember when they compensated for there mistakes years ago.