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    Fall Event 2019 Strategy Questions and/or Tips

    What are you all going for in the dailies?
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    Plunder progress

    Ouch, Dipwad, he really showed you who's boss
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    Why did you start playing FoE?

    I started last summer. My favorite star wars game died, and all that followed its place was a star wars casino designed by EA. I tried a ton of games but the "real" aspect of this game hooked the history loving side of me. I planned to make a bunch of different cities in different ages...
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    Summer Event 2019 Progress

    My luck on the wheel has been garbage. Got a selection kit so far so i can get a base ship. That's out of roughly 30 spins on 3 wheels. Need 3 more upgrades for max.... doubt that happens
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    Soccer Cup 2019 Feedback

    I think I will do the same.
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    Soccer Cup 2019 Feedback

    What altar garden were you all planning on getting? I was looking at the attack boost or 3 fp one. Not sure which to go with. The fp one has a great ratio, and I still need greater fp daily generation. But the attack boost one seems to have greater longevity.
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    Anyway to reset "Do not show again?"

    Hi all, I actually checked the do not show again box when canceling a production. I really appreciated the extra pop up as i often click recklessly. Is there any way to turn that pop up back on now that i checked the box?
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    Space Age Mars

    One of my guild members is reporting that the 5 fp from recurring quest has changed to 10 fp, but straight to the bar after he moved to space age mars. Normally I would completely discount that, but he is an experienced player and seemed quite sure of it. Anyone else can confirm or deny?
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    CA troops in LMA

    Yeah i should have clarified, it's often lma or colonial age, so you don't need colonial age troops to pass
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    CA troops in LMA

    It's certain troops of either lma or ca
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    CA troops in LMA

    Bonus questline also needed a ton of troop recruitment, so that doesn't immediately bypass it all.
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    CA troops in LMA

    Just a word of warning: the fair maiden quest is just to gather supplies and coins. You will finish it eventually, u just can't collect it. So u have to be careful. However as I said if u do complete it you can get the 2nd slot back while in lma, its just a lot of recruiting troops...
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    CA troops in LMA

    Go as far as but do not complete the fair maiden quest. You will get 2 musketeers and 2 rq slots. But if u complete fair maiden you unlock bonus quest. This can be completed in LMA but it takes awhile or some diamonds. I just completed this yesterday after moving into lma on monday, so I can...
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    Archaeology Event Feedback

    But your feedback is based off of a false premise- that it requires diamonds for a full level building. I will have a complete level 10 by the end with no diamonds and all it took was being smart with the blocks i chose. Everyone could have made that choice
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    More diversity in representation

    But she did... suggesting if it were a white woman in indian garb then she better be attending a wedding or she must be culturally appropriating.