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  • May your day be prosperous and positive my good friend.
    Hahaha will make this quick still haven't plugged in my phone! I know what a hotfix is ya njub! I am on good terms with people who tell me these things....some even go into such detail I have to cut them off to keep my sanity :p

    some people thing I am inno-lingo ignorant!!!not sure why though considering I have proven I have a large vocabulary...I am not a dinosaur or anything ;)
    That was never have pwn'd me. Imagine that! You do realize how funny that comment was yes? Let me go link some of archived matches :D

    Wait, what are hotfixes bhahahahahaha, no do NOT answer that, if you give me a hotfix lesson I shall have to slay you :p
    Ha yea I bet, must be a hassle. You have yourself a good day my friend.
    Hello, I am new to the game, and thought it would be prudent to inform an admin that i will be playing from the same connection as my father in brisgard. I am not an alternate account but an independent entity. We have read the rules about sharing resources and the like. My fathers username is 12345678901234567890 and mine is XavierJamesss. Thank you for not banning us in advance.
    Thanks for the rep! I need to debate more often! :)
    Slacker.....I thought you were bringing the sword over from Beta? Or you could make a new one....but whatever you do, not that trojan horse.
    OMG, I am use to you ignoring what I say, but now you are forgetting what YOU SAID...BAHAHAHAHA

    your rep goofy!
    Its wonderful how we never know when u Managers are online on the Forum hehehe...
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