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Recent content by Her Ladyship Paula

  1. Challenge 1

    The Champagne glass in #2 panel does not belong.
  2. Antiquities auction bug

    I have had this problem happen several times also, plus I can not sell anything in the second half of the Antiques Dealer, where you can sell your extra products, I put an item out to sell and I put 12 Hours to leave it up and I go out play for awhile and then come back into to check on my...
  3. Winter Event 2019 Feedback

    Why should we have to Win crap prizes, so we can have the privilege of buying them with diamonds? Why not open another box so shop so you can purchase anything your heart desires, if you have enough diamonds to do it.......... They are just trying to be money grubbing and make a fun event...
  4. Contest day 5

    It was Subaqueous Construction
  5. Contest day 7

    I love the challenges, and I have met people from all over the world it is incredible. One of my best friends on here is from Greece, and I never would have met her without Forge of Empires. The Moderators are fair and really try to solve problems and glitches, I am very impressed with their...
  6. Contest day 6

    3 Green Dragons and 3 Neptunes Thrones.
  7. October contest

    I love playing FOE, I appreciate all the contests,Love building my towns in different worlds A is my favorite town. I have gotten all the way to Oceanic, I enjoy the Expedition fights and guessing which supply goes where? The Guilds are fantastic learning g and making lifelong friends.
  8. Incorrect Heart Count for Event?

    Thank you I was really confused by the White Circle saying your Score. I thought that was the Bank or Score. Paula
  9. Incorrect Heart Count for Event?

    This new Carnival game does not give you the hearts you win! If I do the Quest and say I am supposed to get 50 hearts, my count never changes, it does not add it to the total. If I win a amount thru the Masks it does not change the total amount of hearts either. I have never had 10 that was...
  10. Twelve Days of FoE

    For the Twelfth days of Christmas : 12 Stars in the Sky Twinkling 11 Great Buildings out of Styx and into Bricks. 10 Tanks a Fighting 9 Watchfires Burning 8 Rogues Transforming 7 Harbors Building and Ships a Sailing 6 Sea Life Towers fish a swimming 5 Gold Relics Hiding 4 Drones a flying 3...
  11. Guild Expedition - Feedback

    Can you please tell me when you have double battles, why you can fix the troops and change them out, the system gets new troops but the player can only fix her/his troops with diamonds, or retreating? I want to be able to change out the damaged troops/tanks and then have a fair fight, your way...

    I am really PO'd I was signed on at exactly 6:00 p.m. which would have been 9:00p.m. EST, and I could get nothing for Birthday or Contests, I tried for over an hour, this is not fair to those of us who really tried to sign on and I can't believe all you can say is Oh, we blew up the forum...

    It says to register ahead of time? So am I getting this correctly, 1st if you are signed up with FOE forum then you are a registered, and 2nd On Saturday I have to sign on and sign up on the 9 am birthday thread. Is that correct? Thanks
  14. New hood.?

    I agree with you Craftsman, I have had the same hood for over four months, and it is so frustrating, I have two to three players who have Helicopter and other higher troops. I just got to Modern, but still get creamed and plundered every day, I never attack anyone who is not my same Era or...