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Recent content by Ironrooster

  1. Ironrooster

    Buying Forge points and inviting players how to.

    You buy forge points by clicking on the + sign at the end of the FP bar on the top center of the screen. Invite players by clicking on the friends tab on the social bar at the bottom of the screen. Then click on the Find button. This brings up a new window with tabs one of which is invite player.
  2. Ironrooster

    Why, even in events, are the avatars offered, mainly of men? Can we get some nice female avatars ?

    Well, in my main city I have 233 of which 87 are female, 4 are indeterminate, and 142 are male. These are as I see them, but some are pretty close and could go either way. It's my impression that lately the events have been pretty even. And the castle seems to be pretty even although with one...
  3. Ironrooster

    Aid All Feedback

    If you move the cursor over the prints it will tell you which building they are for.
  4. Ironrooster

    Approved for Voting Automatic Exit From Upgrade Mode When All Bldgs Have Been Upgraded

    I am okay with the idea, but I don't really see much need for it. Other than event buildings I mostly upgrade those buildings that provide A/D boosts. And I always go to the Town Hall to see how many of those there are.
  5. Ironrooster

    Approved for Voting One Down Kit

    I like this idea. This is helpful for individuals as well as guilds. It will of course make the game more complex as more options always do. But I think this is a good thing.
  6. Ironrooster

    Poor vision

    I have problems with some of the bouncing boxes, coins, etc. being the same or nearly the same color as the building. Be nice if we could change the color - multiple times even as we are collecting.
  7. Ironrooster

    New, Challenge World

    16) No fun allowed.
  8. Ironrooster

    Design Change Request: allow players to field a female soccer team

    Or just alternate between Women's and Men's teams from year to year. Frankly, I pay so little attention to the players there could be a coed league playing and I wouldn't notice.
  9. Ironrooster

    Auction House needs a higher bid increment

    I usually bump by 1000 (sometimes more) when I'm bidding at the last minute. Usually though I can't wait around for the end so I just stick in a first bid that I think is high enough and I'm happy to pay if I win.
  10. Ironrooster

    Aid All Feedback

    Video ads are the worst. A box on the side with a link to more information is better. That way if the ad interests me I can click the link. If not I can ignore it.
  11. Ironrooster

    auto battle

    Auto battle frequently targets closest threat especially if it can strike the on it's next turn. Auto battle usually moves units forward as fast and far as possible. In your case the cavalry unit moves first and moves much further than the rogues. It presents an immediate threat and is taken...
  12. Ironrooster

    Aid All Feedback

    Well maybe the idea is to make you interested in buying something you did not know you wanted. :D
  13. Ironrooster

    Is Aid All part of Forge Plus?

    Try refreshing your page or reloading the game. This feature requires it sometimes for some things to work correctly.
  14. Ironrooster

    Removing fp from GB

    Yeah that's a risk you take. That's why I seldom put FPs on buildings unless they are at least halfway (preferably 80%) to leveling up. You could finish off the level yourself, maybe with some help from other contributors.
  15. Ironrooster

    Is Aid All part of Forge Plus?

    I have Aid All in all 5 of my live cities. I had to reload to get them. I don't have FOE plus.