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Recent content by jah5446

  1. May Competition

    History Civilization Anthropology Excavation Archaeology Geology Artifact Museum Archaeologist Stonehenge Settlement Evolution Past Analysis Architecture I want my prize on Arvahall please!
  2. November Competition

    B3, E3, B7, E7 I want my prize on Arvahall!
  3. Feedback for update 1.214

    The Heal All button needs to be moved either to the far left or above "my armies". Update been in effect for less than two hours and I have inadvertently hit the heal all button at least 10 times. If I did not have confirm diamond spending turned on I would have spent numerous diamonds. The...
  4. August Contest - Summer Event!

    Parrot Plank High Seas Plunder Ashore Skull Island Gold Hideout Ahoy Mutiny Port Rouge First Mate Treasure Ship Cove Anchor Keel Cannon Flag Jewels Crew Map Sand
  5. Feedback for update 1.197

    Please remove the zoom after setting production times. This is highly annoying and counterproductive to a new feature that otherwise seems like it could be OK once issues are addressed and once I get used to not holding down the shortcut keys for production times.