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  • Now at Arc 78 and 80 is in sight.
    I'm a GBG manager for Ascension in Walstrand.
    ~getting 800 - 1,200 fights/season
    FOE life is good!
    Behold the Yggdrasil final level 9 - in its full glory in my town.
    A mighty tree, whose trunk rises at the geographical center of the Norse spiritual cosmos,
    and one of the most powerful FOE buildings per square with 30% Attack.
    3x3 squares, full level 9 shows animations, whereas levels 1-8 do not.
    Now, I proudly join the ranks of full-Yggdrasil owners!!!
    Improving my GBG and GE participation completed 2021-09-26
    GBG 131 fights
    GE 51 of 48, making it into 4th (lava) round
    (unfortunately can't post jpg or png)
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    Once you hit that mark, it will only become easier to duplicate as time goes on. The first time is always the hardest. Then you'll find yourself beating your old or last record, (competing in both I mean).
    Thanks for the encouragement Lancer. You are right, It was challenging to get to this point. I'm slowing increasing attack percentage in Zeus and Aachen.
    Have a good weekend!
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