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Recent content by Jern2017

  1. Jern2017

    Buying FPs and GE Attempts slower?

    Hi, Has anyone noticed that, at least on mobile, buying FPs and GE Attempts is suddenly slower? I'm not talking about lag, there seems to be a short (less than a second) period of time where the buy button is greyed out until it can be pressed again. It's definitely noticeable when you try to...
  2. Jern2017

    Store forge points in inventory.

    And how do you think all the older players managed to do this? They didn't just start the game with 50k FPs in their inventory. Patience is the key to this game.
  3. Jern2017

    Military unit overstock....

    I'm in CE. I delete Missile Artillery and Strike Teams as I find them useless. I also delete Military Drummers and Color Guards since I have no use for them. I'm very active in GE, PVP and GBG, so the rest of the units are always welcome.
  4. Jern2017

    Confirmed Collection times off.

    I encountered this issue two or three times a couple of months ago, but everything went back to normal shortly after, so I didn't need to contact support. I know for a fact I did not move anything and I also used the Diamond Collect feature.
  5. Jern2017

    Terrace Farm?

    Level 2 TF is yummy, especially if the Atlantis Museum bonus kicks in.
  6. Jern2017

    New Idea Stop Forge Points From going into the Forge Point Bar if it is going to end up over 100

    When did that happen? I used to do that the time before the Collect All button was introduced to the app version.
  7. Jern2017

    New Idea Stop Forge Points From going into the Forge Point Bar if it is going to end up over 100

    I vote no. This proposal does not make any sense.
  8. Jern2017

    Gate of the Sun God ATTACK BOOST

    The Gate of the Sun God provides a DEFENSE boost for your attacking army while the Face of the Ancient provides an ATTACK boost for your attacking army. The symbol for that is a red (I suppose that depends on your screen settings) shield. Attack boost for the attacking army - two crossed...
  9. Jern2017

    Unit Comparison

    Right. Manual with 7 Rogues. Used auto about halfway through.
  10. Jern2017

    Unit Comparison

    I'm in CE. I have used Recon Raiders against neighbors that used Hover Tanks as defense with great success.
  11. Jern2017

    City Feedback

    Enter the build mode, pick up large business like your Town Hall and use iy to swipe across the roads - you will easily pick up incidents that way.
  12. Jern2017

    More FP's on Meter

    The 100 FP limit can also be surpassed if you're quick enough at manually collecting due to slight input lag. Before the Collect All options was introduced to the app version of the game, I would collect the FPs until I reached 99, then quickly swipe over some buildings that were close to each...
  13. Jern2017

    Plunder progress

    What a lovely neighbor! No empty threats, no whining, no complaining.
  14. Jern2017

    Looking to buy ME goods

    Hello, I want to buy about 2k of each ME good. Please message me in-game if you can help. Thank you.
  15. Jern2017

    Do Not Suggest Jump from production buildings when canceling them

    If you're just canceling one, you'd cancel it and close the window the same way you can start one now and close the window.