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  1. Automatic Account Deletion Feedback

    What about multiple worlds on the same account?
  2. Orange Ribbon missing

    Hi, I just built my traz in y, fourth traz i have built in my 4 worlds. But the orange ribbon that identifies unattached troops does not show up in Y as it does in my other 3 worlds. Does anybody know the reason or this? It's really perplexing. Thanks.
  3. Limit Arc GB to level 40

    big fat NO
  4. Color-Coded Friends List

    Why was it shot down? I haven't seen a single reason in this thread so far to be against this idea except for, "I don't use this, so i'm voting no."
  5. Color-Coded Friends List

    The proposal, if implemented, would not be making Inno do our work for us. It is all about how you use it - people have already come up with several great uses for this here that I haven't even thought of. It would be a tremendous time-saver, as somebody else said, and i doubt that it would be...
  6. "Undo Button"

    I vote no. It's only one step away from asking for an undo button for battles. and there should not be an undo button for battles. It's a slippery slope.
  7. Replace 2x store building prize with 1-up kit in DC Challenger's Chest

    I also vote yes. And my experience has been that this comes a lot more than the actual percentage listed.
  8. Option to Make Trades Outside Your Guild Only

    I for one vote a resounding yes. it would solve many, many trading issues.
  9. Color-Coded Friends List

    Proposal We keep friends on our friends list for many different reasons. For example, we may have some friends because they have a certain great building, or because they level their own Great Buildings, or for many different possible reasons. The game does not currently have any easy way to...
  10. Proposals thread

    Hey - i'd like to post a proposal but when I go into the thread, it says that I have "insufficient privileges" to post there. Can anybody tell me how i can get these privileges? Thanks. UPDATE: never mind, I figured it out. Thanks.
  11. Share the Love, Everyone wins

  12. How do you get observatory prints in the new world?

    Agreed, but i'd be all out for rogue hideouts if i wasn't all out for Obs. prints. If Rogue Hideouts come again before Obs prints, maybe i'll just go for that instead.
  13. How do you get observatory prints in the new world?

    is that usually a reliable measure? how can they NOT give observatory prints with 2 new worlds? how will they break them in?
  14. No Daily challenge

    Yes, this really makes me angry. just because i don't spend enough diamonds.... and when I complained on the play store, all the developers said was, "we'll try to do better." As if they have any intention of trying.....if anybody knows a better way to complain, i'm all ears.
  15. How do you get observatory prints in the new world?

    Has this been positively confirmed that Observatory prints will be offered during the event? I'm hoarding all my stars, but i don't want to save them all and then find out that i'm outta luck.