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Recent content by Joeyjojojo

  1. Joeyjojojo

    Wildlife Event 2021 Feedback

    I think we should be able to see the board and to use tools even after all moves have been exhausted. Also because it requires some planning/thought the mini-game is more time consuming than other events have been, but extra time because I have to pay attention and think is preferred to extra...
  2. Joeyjojojo

    Wildlife Event 2021 Feedback

    As for the event, the appearance rate of paws is a bit frustrating, and the tools are very expensive, but in both cases, it seems like it works out just fine. I've had boards where I couldn't get a single paw to the bottom and others where I've gotten >5. I seem to be averaging around 2-3...
  3. Joeyjojojo

    Wildlife Event 2021 Feedback

    Unlock items to sell on PC (similar to mobile). This seems hard for lots of folks: Edit: I had no problem unlocking the Mountain Reserve to sell, but I left it locked as I'd much rather build this one ;)
  4. Joeyjojojo

    PvP Arena (Reworked) Feedback

    I'm sure there are still some players who are trying to get points, but most of them are using GBG to do it (and GvG)--farming neighbors just doesn't pay much. I tried the PvP feature for a bit. It isn't hard to get to 100k points in a month but it is rather tedious, and really not worth it to...
  5. Joeyjojojo

    Soccer Cup 2021 Feedback

    I agree, but those do get depleted quickly. There are not enough to use that on a regular basis, unless you chase them, and there are better things to chase.
  6. Joeyjojojo

    Soccer Cup 2021 Feedback

    Amazing how you can take a correct statement (it is my choice to play multiple worlds) and use that to make a completely wrong one: the multiple 8 hr waits has nothing to do with multiple worlds, it is a single world with not enough production buildings (including clearing out some to build...
  7. Joeyjojojo

    Soccer Cup 2021 Feedback

    Of course you can sell it. There was an update a while back that new special buildings are locked by default so players don't accidentally sell them and then submit tickets to get them back. You can unlock it and sell it. As for the event: same as last year. Hopefully the building is easy...
  8. Joeyjojojo

    PvP Arena (Reworked) Feedback

    The PvP side of this game in general doesn't really excite me (I don't really attack neighbors, or do GvG, and consider GBG a farm rather than a competition), but I'll try this and will most likely do the min # of hits for whatever mediocre prizes are on offer. I like the idea of limiting some...
  9. Joeyjojojo

    Archaeology Event 2021 Feedback

    Good event, very nice building, wish I could've gotten the full tablet set in a couple of my worlds, but that has been the way of that mechanic. This calendar was much better than the one in the winter event, which I completely ignored. Part of this was because the daily prize could be swapped...
  10. Joeyjojojo

    Attack versus Defense Boosts

    Maybe but SO's boost defense, are available regularly and are much better at it than any other building that does the same. At this point I've pretty much given up on any more def boosting buildings because of them. It does depend a lot on age and troops, if you camp in VF and are using rocket...
  11. Joeyjojojo

    Feedback for Space Age Venus

    Not sure how much time and effort went into this, but the result is a new age that is just a re-skin of the last two and a GB that is basically a very expensive but also mediocre ToR (it is pretty though). The GB is particularly galling because people have suggested many actually good ideas...
  12. Joeyjojojo

    Aztecs feedback

    It's free, but there's no chance at 4x so it's really not nearly as helpful in later runs compared with Japan and Egypt. This is the only settlement I am not going to complete in all gold times--in part because I don't care as much about the secondary building, but also because I'd need to kill...
  13. Joeyjojojo

    Spring Event 2021 Feedback

    I like the look of the spring/cherry blossom event buildings. This one's benefits are subpar compared with other event buildings but it's better than last year's imo. I'll likely build it as my city is not (and never will be) 100% efficiency. Count me among those who really don't like that...
  14. Joeyjojojo

    St.Patrick's Event 2021 Feedback

    It's also an indication that there are more mobile players. I know I never post to the forum from my phone. I personally think this event is fine, but it is problematic in that it is less intuitive than other events. As has been stated there are 2 strategies to follow and you really must...
  15. Joeyjojojo

    Feedback for update 1.199

    I hope not, because it seems this change is more likely to inspire bot/clicker use than the opposite. I don't really disagree with this, but the fact is that many more casual players, particularly if they have CF, do the recurring quests as they collect/spend FPs. They aren't doing...