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Recent content by Jokerlynn2

  1. 2000 Aborted quest limit per day

    Thank you Inno - I have no reason to spend hours in the game clicking away to support my guildmates with free goods so, I've found a lot of time to do other things! This also means that I will be saving a ton of money since I will not need to buy diamonds for negotiating in GBG. I have no...
  2. birka survey

    Build a GB like the Tower of Babel that gives population and goods. Also, completing the FOE events will usually get some nice buildings that will supply both! But, be careful,! If you remove all your houses, you will need to get coins from another source. I suggest the Chateau!
  3. Looking for tips, tricks, do's & don'ts: I'm parking in HMS so I can build GBs, stock resources & join the right guild

    Our guild, The Swamp, is an established guild and we are currently accepting new players. We have been inviting players new to the game and those who just want to learn more in a supportive guild. I just sent an invitation if you are interested, we can help guide you to the GBs that will help...
  4. Challenge 1

    A = 1 B = 3 C = 4