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    [Question] How far ahead are you in campaign maps?

    Funny considering Soccer Event 2020, one we are playing now, had a quest asking to Acquire sectors. 'Quest 22: "Acquire some (2 - 3) sectors OR Defeat some (20 - 90) units" ' Previous Event: Quest 59 - Day 20: Acquire some (2 - 3) sectors OR Defeat some (20 - 90) units" And again, I am...
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    [Question] How far ahead are you in campaign maps?

    At one time I was 3 ages ahead on the Campaign Map than my city. This is not a good practice because it does become hard to impossible to get the needed goods for negotiations to take sections. With the events we now have and quest requiring capturing of sections you would be stuck and unable...
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    birka survey

    It's no trick really, just game knowledge. There are Great Buildings that will give you population and others for happiness but the easiest way now is to get the event buildings fully upgraded. With a fully upgraded event building, you more than likely will get population, happiness, FP...
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    Soccer Event 2020 Feedback

    Wow, 5 goods per negotiation for a moderate negotiation in Iron Age. Talk about a "price hike". Good thing, I able to fight.
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    New Beginnings

    Still growing and still looking for active players that want to be apart of a team. We now offer an OBS program, guild only, to help members get this important Great Building. Plus we will be starting an Open Arc/Traz program.
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    Forge For Beginners Recruiting

    Forge For Beginners (FFB) is recruiting new game players or players that need help understanding the game and growing their city. Need a place to grow your city while learning about the game? Then come join FFB Today. Message me in game if you have any questions or would like to join.
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    Challenge 1

    Puzzle Pieces 1 and 3 are needed to complete to picture KitKit035
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    Looking for A Guild? Look No Further!

    Lady Sensa, Love your spirit and commitment to your guild, but could you please start your own guild thread to get members in the correct sub areas and not promote in other members threads on the wrong world.
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    birka survey

    Thanks for finding me on Birka. RL been so busy, I had not time to find you. Been great getting to chat with you.
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    [Question] What's Left???

    Very aware, and never meant to apply it would.
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    [Question] What's Left???

    I am also very happy with the game and what the developers have done. Some of the things on that list make perfect sense because it does change the core of the game. There is at least one, though more, items on that list that is open for interpretation. And I know that when this game came out...
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    New Beginnings

    If you need a guild that will help you grow your city and challenge you at the same time, come join us. While we let you grow at your own pace and encourage slow growth of cities, we don't let you get bored with the game. We set guild goals for everyone to meet that are both fun and challenging.
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    [Question] What's Left???

    After the forum mod Stephen Longshanks closed the recent Proposal thread on ground it was in the "Do Not Post List" of making game easier, I went and checked it out. I have never posted in this section (don't think) but I have replied to several. My question is 2 fold: How many have you ever...
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    How do I level up difficulty in Guild Expedition?

    New GE does start tomorrow but if guild is "dead" there is no reason to stay no matter if you can find a new guild before GE starts or not. Leave current guild and start looking for a new guild. Don't rush to find a new guild just so you can play GE, but use this time to "shop" around. Read...
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    [Question] What happened to "Switch Worlds" option??

    Thanks for letting me know. After 24hrs it came back and so far has remained.